Sprint is Now T-Mobile

Following the successful merger of Sprint and T-Mobile, Sprint will no longer be offering plans to new customers. Instead, you will be directed to sign up for a T-Mobile plan. Existing Sprint customers can remain on their current Sprint plans until further notice.

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Sprint has the least amount of nationwide 4G coverage but offers cell phone plans at competitive prices. Sprint’s unlimited plans are appealing due to the benefits they offer like free streaming subscriptions and mobile hotspots. This guide will walk you through what their plans look like, Sprint perks, and which plans are best for you. If you’re already with Sprint and are looking to switch your plan, learn more about how to change your Sprint plan online.

Postpaid Sprint Plans

Throttling happens when the network is busy and Sprint slows down your data speeds.

If you have a postpaid plan, Sprint will charge you for service at the end of the month. Most of Sprint’s postpaid plans come with unlimited everything (data, talk, and text) with variations in data throttling. In addition, some of Sprint’s postpaid plans offer streaming subscriptions to platforms like Hulu and Tidal.

Unlimited Sprint Plans Compared

Sprint Unlimited Basic Sprint Unlimited Plus Unlimited Plus Premium
Talk and Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile Hotspot 500MB 50GB 100GB
Entertainment and Extras Hulu Hulu and Tidal Hulu, Lookout, Prime, Tidal, and Uber
Streaming Quality DVD-quality (480p) HD (720p) HD (720p)
Unlimited talk and text; 10GB of 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada Unlimited talk and text; 10GB of 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada Unlimited talk and text; 10GB of 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada
Global Text and Data Free text and basic data in 200+ destinations. Free text and basic data in 200+ destinations. Free text and basic data in 200+ destinations.
Full Details Unlimited Sprint Plans


Most Sprint plans allow you to bring your own phone, but you can also buy or lease a phone as well

Sprint Plans

Before you settle on a specific plan, you should check out Sprint’s coverage map. Because they have the least amount of coverage in the United States (compared to other major carriers), Sprint may not offer the best service in your area. Compare Sprint’s Competitors


Prepaid Sprint Plans

Sprint used to have prepaid plans known as the “Sprint Forward” program; however, they no longer offer this to new customers. This may change so we recommend checking back with Let’s Talk to stay updated on Sprint’s prepaid options.


Sprint Family Plans

Sprint family plans are some of the best-priced in wireless. Sprint only offers unlimited family plans so you won’t ever run out of data, texts or calls. Family plans are a great option because each additional line added to your account is discounted, so you’ll be paying less than if each family member had their own separate account. For instance, when you view the details of this plan, you’ll see the first line is full price, the second line has a slight discount, and the last two lines have significant discounts. Most Sprint family plans also come with free perks like Hulu and Tidal subscriptions.

Family Plans with 4 Lines

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International Service

Sprint International Service
You never have to worry about paying extra fees for international text messages with Sprint Global Roaming.

Some of Sprint’s unlimited plans come with free high-speed data, texting, and calling in Canada and Mexico. You can also text and call to and from these countries for free. Most Sprint plans also come with Sprint Global Roaming which allows you to use your plan in 200 hundred countries without having to pay extra for texts and 2G data. If you want high-speed data in countries besides Canada and Mexico, you’ll have to pay $5 or $10 per day.


Buy a Sprint Phone

There are three ways to buy or use a cell phone with Sprint. You can lease or rent your phone with Sprint Flex Lease, you can buy a Sprint phone outright, and you can bring your own phone. Sprint used to have a two-year monthly installment upgrade program, but it is no longer running.

Sprint Flex Lease

Sprint ‘s Flex Lease is basically a rent-to-own program for a cell phone. You will pay monthly fees to lease the phone for 18 months. After that, you can choose to buy the phone, upgrade, or continue leasing. If you want to upgrade sooner than 18 months, you can choose to pay $5 more each month to upgrade after 12 months (unless you’re in the iPhone and Galaxy Forever program). Some phones require money down which will depend on your credit.

If you ever want to upgrade early, you’ll have to pay the rest of your monthly installments in one lump sum


iPhone and Galaxy Forever

Sprint’s iPhone Forever and Galaxy Forever programs allow you to upgrade to the newest model each year. After 12 monthly payments, you can automatically upgrade without any fees. Whenever you lease an iPhone or Galaxy phone, you’re automatically enrolled in this program. This Forever program is great if you love to have the newest and best technology, but isn’t your best option if you ever want to own your phone.

Let’s Talk Tip: Buying your phone outright will make your monthly payments cheaper


Buy Outright

Sprint does allow you to buy a phone from them at full retail price. When you buy outright you own the phone from the get-go, which means you can unlock it and take it to other carriers or stay with Sprint. You’re not locked into a Sprint plan like you are with a Sprint Flex Lease. When buying outright, you can choose to buy online and pick-up in store, or have it shipped straight to you. Once you’re checking out, look for the delivery options and choose which works best for you. You can also go to a Sprint store and buy your phone outright there. Find Your Perfect Sprint Phone

Bring Your Own Phone/Device

If you already have a phone from another carrier, you can switch carriers and use it with Sprint. However, not all phones are compatible across all carriers. To be sure your phone is compatible, check your IMEI on Sprint’s Website. How to Switch to Sprint and Bring Your Own Phone

Sprint Coverage

Sprint’s CDMA network is continually ranked as one of the lowest by RootMetrics behind Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile for reliability, speed, data connections, calling, and texting. It has the least nationwide coverage in the United States.

Sprint Coverage by State

State Percentage Covered Mile Covered (mi²)
Alabama 37.53% 19,427 mi²
Alaska 0% 0 mi²
Arizona 23.68% 27,084 mi²
Arkansas 35.61% 18,962 mi²
California 39.57% 62,684 mi²
Colorado 22.6% 23,559 mi²
Connecticut 94.43% 4,751 mi²
Delaware 94.49% 1,929 mi²
Florida 82.63% 48,487 mi²
Georgia 44.42% 26,109 mi²
Hawaii 67.28% 4,600 mi²
Idaho 21.59% 17,922 mi²
Illinois 78.45% 44,201 mi²
Indiana 80.89% 29,297 mi²
Iowa 35.21% 19,869 mi²
Kansas 24.39% 20,070 mi²
Kentucky 56.23% 26,278 mi²
Louisiana 57.94% 27,079 mi²
Maine 84.71% 7,073 mi²
Maryland 90.75% 9,903 mi²
Massachusetts 84.62% 7,065 mi²
Michigan 55.07% 32,841 mi²
Minnesota 52.05% 43,990 mi²
Mississippi 95.25% 45,426 mi²
Missouri 56.21% 39,145 mi²
Montana 0% 0 mi²
Nebraska 8.2% 6,406 mi²
Nevada 7.17% 7,991 mi²
New Hampshire 39.03% 3,768 mi²
New Jersey 95.96% 7,419 mi²
New Mexico 16.46% 19,759 mi²
New York 50.86% 24,904 mi²
North Carolina 58.18% 29,442 mi²
North Dakota 5.99% 4,193 mi²
Ohio 81.46% 33,262 mi²
Oklahoma 44.38% 31,021 mi²
Oregon 18.57% 18,054 mi²
Pennsylvania 65.96% 29,888 mi²
Rhode Island 95.36% 1,124 mi²
South Carolina 63.93% 19,804 mi²
South Dakota 3.25% 2,499 mi²
Tennessee 50.16% 21,120 mi²
Texas 56.32% 150,281 mi²
Utah 18.49% 15,427 mi²
Vermont 33.21% 3,193 mi²
Virginia 76.59% 31,255 mi²
Washington 30.14% 20,626 mi²
West Virginia 60.61% 14,678 mi²
Wisconsin 42.79% 23,973 mi²
Wyoming 2.01% 1,994 mi²

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