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On top of all of life’s necessary expenses like subscription boxes, daily Starbucks coffee, and Target shopping trips, the last thing you want to spend money on is your cell phone bill. Luckily, Let’s Talk sorts through 30+ carriers to find the best possible deals on cheap cell phone plans to help save you money. This month, January 2020, this guide will walk you through five plans that will keep your monthly bills lower than you’re used to.

Cheap cell phone plans generally have less data, keep that in mind as you’re looking for a new plan

Cheap Cell Phone Plans Compared


Plan and Brand Cost Data Hotspot Extras Roaming/Global
Cheapest Unlimited Plan Sprint Unlimited Kickstart $35 Unlimited free 2G speeds/free texting
Cheapest Talk + Text Plan TextNow Talk & Text Only Plan $9.99 0GB Free Wi-Fi Texting Free calling to US and Canada
Cheapest Limited Data Plan Mint Mobile 3 Month Plan (M) $15 (for three months) 8GB shared with data Yes (draws from minutes)
Cheapest Travel Plan Google Fi Basics $30-$80 (depending on data usage) $10/GB $10/GB No roaming charges (can use device in 170+ countries)
Cheapest Family Plan Twigby Multi-Line Plan $57/4 lines 1GB/line shared with data

Sprint logo

Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Plan: Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan

Sprint on over to Sprint to catch their Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan that offers unlimited texting, calling, and data for only $35/month. No matter how far you run, you won’t find a less expensive plan with the same benefits that Sprint is offering with this plan. Although their network is smaller than its major competitors, if you’re looking to pinch pennies and save hundreds of dollars, this is the plan for you.

For an individual plan you will save $720 in one year—if you have a family plan you’ll save 4x more money

Of the four major carriers we rank Sprint as #4 in terms of overall coverage.

Let’s Talk Pros

  • No contract
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Free 2G roaming speeds

Let’s Talk Cons

  • No free Hulu account
  • Sprint’s Network

FreeUP Mobile Logo

Best Talk and Text Cheap Plan: TextNow Talk & Text Only Plan

You can text RIGHT NOW with TextNow’s Talk and Text Only plan for only $10/month. TextNow offers you unlimited calling to and from the US and Canada, with unlimited texting, AND Wi-Fi texting. TextNow mainly operates on Wi-Fi, and when it is not available it runs on Sprint’s Nationwide network.

Let’s Talk Pros

Of the four major carriers we rank AT&T as #3 in terms of overall coverage, just barely losing to T-Mobile.

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi calling/texting

Let’s Talk Cons

  • Data not included
  • Sprint’s network

Mint Mobile Logo

Cheapest Cell Phone Plan with Limited Data: Mint Mobile 3-Month Plan

Mint Mobile will leave your wallet feeling fresh with their $15/month 3-month plan. Mint plan offers 8GB of high-speed data with unlimited talk and text, making this plan one of the most affordable on the market right now. This is a limited time offer, so after your first three months, if you want to renew you will pay the full price of $35/month—which is still quite affordable compared to other carriers.

Let’s Talk Pros

Of the four major carriers, we rank T-Mobile #2 in terms of overall coverage.

  • On T-Mobile’s large network
  • Comes with a generous amount of data
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Mobile hotspot use

Let’s Talk Cons

  • Price lasts for 3 months then goes up to $35/month
  • Not unlimited data

Google Fi

Best Cheap Travel Plan: Google Fi Basics

Google Fi’s Basics plan is excellent for traveling because you get unlimited texting in more than 170 countries, and data costs the same ($10/GB) whether you’re using it in the United States, Australia, or wherever else you might be.

Another awesome perk of Google Fi is that you can use up to 15GB of high-speed data, but you will only be charged $60 (6GB) max each month. That means on average if you use 15GB of data each month you’ll only pay $4/GB of high-speed data.

With basic service costing $20/month you’ll never pay more than $80/month if you max out on data usage

When using Google Fi
abroad, just wait a few
minutes to connect to that
countries network.

Let’s Talk Pros

  • Runs on T-Mobile’s Network
  • Only charged for the data you use
  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Unlimited international and domestic texting

Let’s Talk Cons

  • Calls cost 20 cents per minute when you’re outside the U.S.

Twigby Logo

Cheapest Family Plan: Twigby Multi-Line Plan

Twigby offers the cheapest family plan. for $57/month for 4 lines, you get unlimited calling and texting on Sprint and Verizon’s network, with 4GB of shared high-speed data (or 1GB of data per line). You can fully customize this plan, so if some lines need more data, you can increase the data allotment for that line. This family plan is great because it allows you only pay for what you use.

One perk with Twigby is that they allow you to use a mobile hotspot. You’ll need to be careful with it depending on how much data your plan has because your mobile hotspot data will draw from your overall data allotment.

Twibgy runs on sprint’s network, and uses Verizon’s network as a secondary network, or a back up.

Let’s Talk Pros

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Only charged for the data you use
  • Fully customizable

Let’s Talk Cons

  • On Sprint’s Network