Verizon cell phone deals: Updates as of October 21, 2020

The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are now available for preorders from Verizon. Both phones can be bought at a discounted price when you trade in an eligible phone, plus you’ll get the Marvel’s Avenger game for free and Verizon Stream TV. To take advantage of these deals, you’ll need to sign up for an eligible unlimited Verizon plan.

Verizon’s deals on Samsung phones remain pretty much the same, as do deals on Pixels, and other Android phones.

Best Verizon Cell Phone Deals

Verizon Cell Phone Deals: iPhones

Verizon Cell Phone Deals: Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung has multiple deals on Samsung Galaxy phones right now which add up to HUGE discounts off the newest models. Get the biggest Verizon deal when you add a new line to Verizon and choose any unlimited plan.

Verizon Deals on Google Pixels

There’s only one Google Pixel deal on offer and that’s the Google Pixel 5 which you can pre-order and get up to $550 off when you trade in your current phone.

Pre-orders on Google’s newest phone, the Pixel 5, are set to ship from Verizon by 10/29/2020.

Other Verizon Deals

About Verizon Cell Phone Deals

Let’s Talk’s list of Verizon deals and promotions are updated every week. Verizon deals may have requirements for customers, such as signing up for new wireless plans, purchasing cell phones with monthly payment plans, switching from different carriers, or trading in devices. Unlike some cellular carriers, all Verizon devices come locked for just 60 days then Verizon will automatically unlock your phone. You won’t have to request an unlock, it will just happen after 60 days. According to RootMetrics, Verizon ranks at the top of the list for its reliable coverage above AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Fine Print to Watch Out For

When choosing a Verizon cell phone deal, be sure to understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Most of Verizon’s deals have certain requirements you have to meet first. Some of the most common eligibility requirements include:

  • You must port your number in from another carrier (which means you have to be a new customer)
  • You must sign up for an unlimited plan (if you don’t use a lot of data this may not be worth it for you)
  • You must buy the phone on monthly installments (so you’ll be stuck with Verizon for 24 months otherwise you won’t get the full discount)

While the best Verizon deals are offered to new customers, existing Verizon customers also qualify for most deals, but the discount may not be as great. There are generally upgrade deals that existing customers qualify for, so be on the lookout for these if you already have a Verizon account.

Verizon Cell Phone Deals Requiring Trade-Ins

From time to time Verizon will offer trade-in deals where you must trade another phone in to get a discount. The thing you must remember with these trade-in deals is that you can’t just send in any old phone. Usually, your trade-in phone must be:

  • In good working condition
  • Free from damage (including scratches and screen cracks)
  • Fairly new (you can’t trade in a non-smartphone or one from 10 years ago)

If you have an old damaged phone that you want to trade in, you may be eligible for a trade-in deal from Sprint. Although the carrier doesn’t offer as much coverage as Verizon, they will usually accept damaged phones for trade-in deals.