US Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that runs on two top-rated networks: Verizon and T-Mobile. US Mobile’s online-only (no storefronts) service offers affordable and customizable prepaid phone plans with excellent coverage.

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US Mobile Single-Line Plans

US Mobile offers affordable prepaid cell phone plans, as well as a 14-day, risk-free trial so that you can test out the wireless service. Plans require renewal every 30 days. You can manually renew your plan or use US Mobile’s AutoPay feature.

US Mobile allows you to choose the specific amount of monthly minutes, messages, and data you want. If you ever go over your plan’s limit, you can use US Mobile “Top Ups” to add additional talk, text, or data any time during your billing cycle. These Top Ups cost the same as the packages in US Mobile’s plan builder and even roll over to the next month. If you aren’t sure which allowances are right for you, starting in early 2020, you will be able to use its Autopilot AI, which looks at your usage and finds the best plan for you.

Below is a breakdown of the US Mobile build-your-own plan options:

Minutes Messages Data
0 for $0 0 for $0 0MB or $0
75 for $2 50 for $1.50 50MB for $1.50
150 for $3 100 for $2 100MB for $2
300 for $4 300 for $3 500MB for $5
500 for $5 1,000 for $4 1.5GB for $10
700 for $6 2,000 for $5 2.5GB for $15
Unlimited $8 Unlimited for $6 4GB for $20
8GB for $26

Keep in mind, there is no individual option for unlimited data—you must choose an Unlimited All plan if you want unlimited data.

US Mobile Unlimited Plans

US Mobile offers three unlimited plan options:

  • $40 Unlimited All Fast plan: Unlimited talk, text, data at 5Mbps speeds, 5GB international roaming
  • $45 Unlimited All Fast + hotspot: Unlimited talk, text, data at 5Mbps speeds, 10GB international roaming, mobile hotspot
  • $50 Unlimited All Ludicrous + hotspot: Unlimited talk, text, data at 200Mbps+ speeds, 10GB international roaming, mobile hotspot

It’s important to note that 5Mbps is not very fast. This speed probably won’t meet the needs of someone who is heavily reliant on their smartphone, but it may suffice for a young child or senior. If you like to do it all on your phone—stream videos and music, use social media, browse the internet to your heart’s content—you’ll want to choose the $50 Unlimited Ludicrous plan.

Family Plans

US Mobile family plans are not discounted per line, but there is a $0.99 discount (off $3.99) on SIM cards when you order 10 or more. Plus, you get to mix and match plans under one account, a capability that not many carriers offer. Another great US Mobile family plans feature is the custom perks program (more on this below).

With US Mobile, you can mix and match plans under one account, a capability that not many carriers offer.

Custom Perks Program

When you sign up for at least two US Mobile unlimited lines, you also get access to the US Mobile custom perks program, which allows you to choose from a selection of subscription services. You can have up to three entertainment subscriptions, free of charge, when you sign up for a 4-line US Mobile family plan. This is how it works:

  • If you sign up for two lines, you can choose from one of three perks.
  • If you sign up for three lines, you get to keep the first perk and choose a second perk from another list.
  • If you sign up for four lines, you get to keep the first two perks and choose a third from yet another list.

You could potentially get three subscriptions covered by US Mobile! That’s no joke.

Custom Perk Options

Number of Lines Entertainment Options
2-Line Unlimited Slacker Plus LiveXLive, Pandora Plus, Apple TV Plus
3-Line Unlimited Disney+, Hulu, ESPN Plus, Netflix, Audible, Spotify Family, Apple Music Family
4-Line Unlimited Playstation Plus, Xbox Live Gold

How to Buy a US Mobile Phone

US Mobile carries a limited selection of phones, including flip phones and older Android and iPhone options, as well as more recent Apple releases. All US Mobile phones come unlocked and include a free US Mobile SIM card. Because US Mobile doesn’t have stores, you must purchase your phone online (shipping is free). Also, since US Mobile doesn’t offer a device installment program, you’re required to pay for the phone’s full retail price upfront. If you’re looking to buy a more expensive smartphone such as the iPhone XS, you may want to look elsewhere.

Bring Your Own Phone

You can bring nearly any phone to US Mobile as long as it’s unlocked. To get started, purchase a US Mobile SIM on its website for $3.99; if your phone is from a GSM network, you’ll need to choose the GSM SIM card, and if your phone is from a CDMA network, you’ll need to select the Super LTE SIM card. Once your SIM arrives in the mail, install it in your phone and activate it with the US Mobile plan of your choice.