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US Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that runs on two top-rated networks—T-Mobile and Verizon. Their online-only (no storefronts) service offers affordable and customizable prepaid cell phone plans with great coverage. But is it the right fit for you? Read on and find out all about US Mobile and their plans.

Seniors can save hundreds of dollars per year by switching to US Mobile 

US Mobile Individual Plans

US Mobile’s service offers affordable prepaid cell phone plans on two great networks—T-Mobile and Verizon. They also have a 14-day, risk-free trial (or 300 minutes/texts/MB data), so you can test out the service without worrying whether you’ve made the right choice.

Prepaid plans are paid for at the beginning of the month and require renewal every 30 days. You can manually renew your plan or use their Auto Pay feature. To begin a US Mobile Plan, you’ll need to order a US Mobile SIM starter kit for $3.99 on their website and insert it into a device (a GSM-compatible one you own or one purchased through US Mobile) to begin activation.

US Mobile Custom Plans

US Mobile uses a build-your-own plan structure, similar to fellow MVNOs Tello and Ting. With US Mobile, you select the exact amount of talk, text, and data you think you’ll need each month. If you ever go over your plan’s limits, you can use US Mobile “Top Ups” to add additional talk, text, or data at any time. These additional Top Ups cost the same as the packages in US Mobile’s plan builder and even rollover to the next month.

US Mobile’s lowest custom plan with talk, text, and data starts at just $6/month.

US Mobile Custom Plans come with the following:

  • Talk (40-4,000 minutes)
  • Text (40-4,000 texts)
  • Data (10MB-3GB)
  • Mobile hotspot tethering

Besides flexibility, the biggest selling point of US Mobile Custom Plans is their price. US Mobile’s custom talk/text/data plans begin at $6/month and top out at just $36/month, which is much less expensive than major carriers. And if you don’t require data or minutes, you can purchase a voice or text-only plan, which start at just $2.50/month.

US Mobile’s “Unlimited” plans are a misnomer, as two of them only have limited data packages.

US Mobile “Unlimited” Plans

US Mobile also offers plans that feature unlimited talk and text for $10 along with a custom data limit. While “unlimited” is a misnomer, there is one US Mobile unlimited data package available. Like their regular custom plans, you can custom-build these to your needs as well.

US Mobile Unlimited Plans come with the following:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5GB, 10GB, or unlimited data
  • Standard, fast, or ludicrous data speeds
  • $10 mobile hotspot add-on

Two of US Mobile’s “Unlimited” plans include only unlimited talk and text, with limited data packages. However, their third option legitimately comes with unlimited data.

Note that high-speed data isn’t guaranteed with US Mobile’s Unlimited Plans. Rather, US Mobile asks you to select the specific data speed you prefer via its plan builder: standard, fast, or “ludicrous.” Standard translates to 3G speeds at 1Mbps, fast translates to 5Mbps (4G speeds), and ludicrous has no speed limitation at all. Standard is free while the other two options are $5 and $15 extras.

US Mobile charges $55-$65/month for a high-speed unlimited talk, text, and data plan with a mobile hotspot. While this is a decent price for unlimited, it’s still a bit more expensive than similar offerings from the likes of Metro and Boost, both of which offer $50 unlimited plans with extra features. Nevertheless, the prospect of getting access to Verizon Wireless’ top-ranked coverage for less than the cost of Verizon’s own $75/month Go Unlimited plan may be worth it for you.

Family Plans

US Mobile family plans are no different than individual plans, but you can add additional lines under one account with no limit to the number of lines. Family plans are not discounted per line, but there is a $0.99 discount (off $3.99) on SIM cards when you order 10 or more of them.

Buy a US Mobile Phone

US Mobile has a very limited phone selection to choose from, including flip phones and older Android and iPhone devices. All of their phones are unlocked and come with a free US Mobile SIM card. Because US Mobile does not have stores, you must purchase them online (shipping is free). Also, since US Mobile doesn’t maintain a device installment program, you’re required to pay for their phones upfront, in one lump sum. If you’re looking to purchase a more expensive device via installments, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

You can bring nearly any phone to US Mobile as long as it’s unlocked and can use a SIM card.

Bring Your Own Phone

You can bring nearly any phone to US Mobile as long as it’s unlocked and can use a SIM card. To get started, purchase a US Mobile SIM on their website for $3.99. If your phone is from a GSM network, you’ll need to choose their GSM SIM card, and if you’re on a CDMA network, you will need their “Super LTE” SIM card instead. Once it arrives in the mail, simply install it in your phone and activate it with a US Mobile plan of your choice.