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Metro by T-Mobile, formerly known MetroPCS, was purchased by T-Mobile years ago and recently rebranded to attract more customers to its prepaid offerings. Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plans are competitive, featuring unlimited data and a plethora of other modern features such as cloud storage and content streaming subscriptions. Read on to learn all about Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plans and the new take on prepaid wireless cell phone plans.

Metro by T-Mobile has simple and easy-to-understand services with reasonable costs

Unlimited Plans from Metro

If you need unlimited data, then Metro has a couple of options for you. Both are reasonably priced and offer 4G mobile hotspot data and Google ONE cloud storage as a bonus.

Unlimited Metro by T-Mobile Plans Compared

$50 Unlimited Plan $60 Unlimited Plan
Mobile Hotspot (4G LTE) 5GB/mo 15GB/mo
Video 480p 480p
Google ONE 100GB storage 100GB storage
Amazon Prime No Yes

Full Details

Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited Plans

Metro by T-Mobile Plans

Because Metro is a prepaid third-party cell phone carrier, all of its cell phone plans are paid for at the beginning of the month and don’t require a credit check to sign up. Metro uses T-Mobile’s cellular network, so its coverage breadth spans the entire U.S.

With only four plans, Metro has simple and easy-to-understand services with reasonable costs. There are no contracts and regardless of the plan you choose, your monthly payment never changes. Better yet, Metro by T-Mobile plans have taxes and fees included in their pricing.

Metro by T-Mobile First Customer
Celebrity Keegan-Michael Key became the first Metro by T-Mobile customer during the October 2018 rebranding event

Let’s Talk Editor’s Pick: Best Metro by T-Mobile Plan

The main features of Metro plans include some or all of the following:

  • Unlimited national talk and text
  • 4G LTE coverage
  • Specified data packages (10GB, for example) or unlimited high-speed data
  • 480p video streaming
  • Music streaming subscription
  • Mobile hotspot use with specified data
  • Cloud storage
  • Amazon Prime

In terms of data, Metro by T-Mobile plans have no data overage fees. However, once you’ve used up your plan’s allotted high-speed data, data speeds are deprioritized. If you’re on an unlimited plan, your speeds may be reduced during times of network congestion. In addition, T-Mobile customer traffic may take priority over Metro customers during times of competing network demand.

Nevertheless, with Metro’s pricing, 4G LTE service on T-Mobile’s broad and capable network, plan-included subscription packages, and fair policies on data prioritization, Metro is a great prepaid carrier option for those who have less than stellar credit or need a smartphone on a budget.

Metro Family Plans

Metro by T-Mobile plans for families have the exact same features as their individual plans but have the added benefit of discounted lines. You can have up to five lines on one account and enjoy great savings for each additional family member on the plan.

save hundreds of dollars each year by taking advantage of Metro’s Family plans

Buy a Metro Cell Phone

Metro offers Android and Apple smartphones in their stores, with some great deals for new customers like instant rebates on devices when activating one or several lines. Sometimes these rebates can mean you get a new phone for free. However, this does not include taxes and phone activation fees.

Because Metro offers devices and phone plans without credit checks, they do not have monthly payment plans for devices. The only option is to buy devices at full retail prices or with the rebate and discount promotions available on Metro’s website.