If you’re a travel junkie or have loved ones living outside of the U.S., chances are Ultra Mobile is the carrier you’re looking for. There are several Ultra Mobile cell phone plans to choose from. Note that Ultra Mobile does not offer multi-line family plans but they do offer multi-month plans to lower your monthly cost. This guide will walk you through all Ultra Mobile plans and offers to help you pick the best one for your lifestyle.

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Ultra Mobile Prepaid Plans

Ultra Mobile plans are all prepaid, meaning you pay for your service before you use it. You can choose between two different types of prepaid plans: Single-Month and Multi-Month.

Single-Month Plans

All of these one-month Ultra Mobile plans come with unlimited domestic talk and text, with unlimited calls to over 80 countries and unlimited texting worldwide. The costs of the plans differ when it comes to data usage and calling allowances to countries not listed on the unlimited calling list.

The following countries are NOT included on the unlimited calling list and cost extra with Ultra Mobile:

Dom. Republic
El Salvador

Each Ultra Mobile Single-Month Plan also comes with a one-time $5 roaming credit, which you can use while traveling abroad. If you don’t use it, the credit will continue to roll over each month until you do. If you need more roaming minutes, you can always add them on to your account in $5, $10, or $20 increments.

 Ultra Mobile Single-Month Plans Compared

$19 Plan $23 Plan $39 Plan $49 Plan
Data Allowance 1GB/month 2GB/month 5GB/month Unlimited
Data Speed 4G LTE, reduced after 1GB 4G LTE, reduced after 2GB 4G LTE, reduced after 5GB 4G LTE, reduced after 50GB
Domestic Texts & Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
International Unlimited texting and calling to 80+ countries Unlimited texting and calling to 80+ countries Unlimited texting and calling to 80+ countries Unlimited texting and calling to 80+ countries
Hotspot Included Included Included Included
Roaming $5 rollover roaming credit $5 rollover roaming credit $5 rollover roaming credit $5 rollover roaming credit
Extra Benefits $1.50 call anywhere credit $1.50 call anywhere credit $5 call anywhere credit $5 call anywhere credit
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Multi-Month Plans

The more months you buy on an Ultra Mobile Multi-Month plan, the more money you save.

With Ultra Mobile’s Multi-Month plans, the more months of service you buy upfront, the cheaper each month is, with the cost starting as low as $14/month for 12 months. You have the option of choosing 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plan bundles to save more money each month. All of these plans include the same perks as the Ultra Mobile Single-Month plans—the only difference is you buy the bundles upfront for a predetermined period of time.

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UltraUp: Customization and Add-ons

If you run out of data or need more international minutes, you can customize Ultra Mobile plans by purchasing add-ons which include:

  • Extra high-speed data
  • More international calling
  • Additional international roaming

You can buy and use these anytime during your active service with Ultra Mobile. You will have access to the add-ons immediately after you add them to your line by logging into your account and selecting which ones you want.

Ultra Mobile Cell Phones

Before you can use Ultra Mobile’s service, you first need to have a compatible phone. Ultra Mobile has a few different options when it comes to cell phones. You can either:

  • Buy a phone outright
  • Buy a phone through monthly installments
  • Bring your own (compatible) phone

Monthly Installments

If you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) buy a phone from Ultra Mobile outright, you can finance one through Affirm, a third-party company.

After a credit check and down payment, you will pay off your phone in monthly installments while paying anywhere from 0% to 30% interest. While 5% interest won’t impact your monthly spending each month, 15% or higher may be a tough cost to swallow—if Affirm is offering you a high interest rate, you may want to consider buying a cheaper phone outright.

Buy Outright

If you need a phone and don’t want to worry about financing or monthly installments, you can buy a phone outright. Right now Ultra Mobile offers over 50 different phones, including brand new models from the most popular brands. If you don’t need anything fancy, you can get older models for great prices too.

Bring Your Own Phone

You can bring and use your own phone with Ultra Mobile as long as it’s compatible AND unlocked.

Is Your Phone Compatible?

If your phone launched within the last five years it will likely be compatible, and if it’s older than five years it might not be. Generally, older phones from T-Mobile or AT&T will work with Ultra Mobile. However, if your phone is from Sprint or Verizon, you may need to buy a new one because the cellular technology is different. To be sure of your phone’s compatibility, you can call Ultra Mobile customer support and check.

Is Your Phone Unlocked?

If your phone is locked, you can only use it with the network you bought it from. To unlock your phone: it needs to be fully paid off, and there can’t be any unpaid balance on your account. Sometimes there are minimum service requirements, the length of which varies between carriers. Lastly, your phone can’t be reported lost or stolen.