You may be looking for a distraction in the form of highly bingeable TV shows on Hulu. But with thousands of titles to choose from, you don’t want to spend all day or night scrolling through the various categories until you find something that piques your interest. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best TV shows to binge-watch on Hulu right now.

In this Hulu guide:

Top TV shows to stream on Hulu

Here are the best TV shows you can watch on Hulu right now (November 2020):

Little Fires Everywhere

Genre: Drama
Number of seasons: 1

Based on the best-selling book by Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere is going to hook you from the moment you turn it on. Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon star in this suspenseful drama that explores race, class, privilege, and what makes someone a mother. True to its name, the tension is palpable in this Hulu original show where every decision has far-reaching consequences for every character in the show. Be prepared for lots of secrets and the drama that ensues when they’re revealed, one by one.

Killing Eve

Genre: Dramedy, spy thriller
Number of seasons: 3

Produced by the legendary Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Killing Eve is one of those brilliant TV shows that resists categorization. Is it a drama? Is it a thriller? Is it a dark comedy? Is it a… romance? In a twisted way, it’s all of them. The series centers on two women—Eve, a bored MI5 security officer with an interest in female assassins, and Villanelle, a smart, charming assassin with an unpredictable mood. These two collide when Eve is tasked with tracking down Villanelle and continue orbiting around each other in a smart, entertaining, and thrilling game of cat and mouse, as their obsession with each other builds and builds.

What We Do in the Shadows

Genre: Mockumentary
Number of seasons: 2

Based on the movie of the same name, What We Do in the Shadows is a comedy horror mockumentary that follows the lives of three traditional vampires, one “energy vampire” who feeds on humans’ energy instead of blood, and a “familiar,” all of whom live together in Staten Island. If you love TV shows in the style of The Office and Parks and Recreation as well as the fun of watching ancient vampires navigate the challenges of modern life, then this show is for you.

Normal People

Genre: Drama / Romance
Number of seasons: 1

Based on the best-selling book by Sally Rooney, Normal People, set in Ireland, follows the relationship between Connell, a popular soccer player from a low socioeconomic background, and Marianne, a smart, troubled loner with family money. It begins when they’re in high school and continues through college. Hyper-realistic, Normal People is like a zoomed-in look into the complex, confusing relationship of two people who so very clearly love each other and yet can’t seem to figure it out. If you love angst and torment and interpersonal sadness, this might be right up your alley.

High Fidelity

Genre: Rom-com
Number of seasons: 1

Based on the book and movie of the same name, High Fidelity is a really fun twist on the original premise. In a gender swap, Zoe Kravitz plays the main character, Rob, a bisexual record-store owner who is a hopeless romantic and sentimentalist, constantly reliving past relationships through music, especially mixtapes. It’s a hip, smart re-make of an old classic.


Genre: Drama
Number of seasons: 1

Much like Black Mirror, Monsterland is an anthology of horror episodes that trades technology as the monster for supernatural monsters, such as werewolves, fallen angels, and demons. All of the characters in the Monsterland series are dealing with regret, guilt, or loss, and we come to learn that sometimes the monster is inside us and the decisions we make.

Looking for Alaska

Genre: Teen drama
Number of seasons: 1

Based on the best-selling YA book by John Green, Looking for Alaska is a miniseries about Pudge, a boy who is obsessed with famous last words. Inspired by one phrase in particular, he decides to enroll in a boarding school in pursuit of self-discovery and adventure. While there, he meets a group of loyal friends and falls in love with Alaska Young. When tragedy strikes, Pudge and his friends try to come to terms with what happened and why.

Love, Victor

Genre: Teen drama/romance
Number of seasons: 1

Set in the world of the queer teen movie, “Love, Simon,” Love, Victor follows Victor, a shy high school student whose family moves and, subsequently, he has to start at a new school… Simon’s old school. He soon hears about Simon’s legendary romantic gesture and begins reaching out to Simon for help navigating his sexual orientation.

This Is Us

Genre: Drama
Number of seasons: 5

It’s not to have heard of This Is Us over the years—it’s the drama that’s touched the hearts of audiences nationwide. It follows the lives of three siblings and their parents over a span of many years. Most episodes feature a main storyline in the present and a secondary storyline in the past, while others include several flashbacks to provide backstory. This Is Us explores themes of marriage, parenting, and grief, showing how our lives are irrevocably intertwined.

Broad City

Genre: Sitcom
Number of seasons: 5

This beloved show, created by its stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, chronicles the follies of 20-something best friends in New York City as they navigate the challenges of love, friendship, work, weed, wisdom teeth, dog weddings, wearing a dog sweater to work, and more. With smart, witty dialogue and delightfully strange plotlines, Broad City is comedy at its finest.


Genre: Mystery
Number of seasons: 6

One of the most popular TV shows of the early to mid-2000s and regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time, Lost is a highly bingeable mystery that begins with Oceanic Flight 815 crashing 1,000 miles off course on an island. Each of the survivors has a shocking secret—but the island has a few of its own. If you like a combination of drama, supernatural elements, and unpredictable twists and turns, Lost might be up next on your list.


Genre: Horror, drama
Number of seasons: 3

Based on the character from The Silence of the Lambs and other Thomas Harris novels, Hannibal takes place prior to Hannibal Lecter being arrested and imprisoned for his crimes. He is still a practicing psychiatrist with a flourish for dinner parties. Enter Will Graham, a gifted criminal profiler with extreme empathy, granting him the ability to get inside of the head of anyone, including psychopaths and serial killers. Will Graham’s gift isn’t without a price, as his empathy makes him extremely vulnerable to feeling everything around him. His investigation for the FBI begins to take an emotional toll on him, and his supervisor recommends he meet with Dr. Hannibal Lecter. What ensues is a strange, terrifying, and twisted relationship between Will and Hannibal. Fascinated by Will’s empathy, Lecter attempts to push Will to become a killer himself.

Lie to Me

Genre: Crime drama
Number of seasons: 3

Dr. Cal Lightman is the world’s top deception researcher, studying body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions to discern not only when someone is being dishonest, but also why. He uses this research to assist government agencies and law enforcement—and thus, naturally, his skills make it all the easier for him to lie to everyone around him.

Twin Peaks

Genre: Crime drama, mystery, soap
Number of seasons: 3

Directed by David Lynch, Twin Peaks is a cult classic with equal parts mystery, surrealness, and bizarro plot. It begins simply enough—combining yet subverting two traditional forms in the crime show and primetime soap, Agent Dale Cooper travels to the small town of Twin Peaks to solve the murder of a teen girl. Then it turns into a strange rollercoaster of oddball characters, surreal dream sequences, and humorous dialogue. To know the characters of Twin Peaks—including a woman who carries a log everywhere with her, speaking both to and for it—is to love them.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi
Number of seasons: 3

Based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian show taking place in Gilead, a totalitarian society that forces fertile women, known as Handmaids, to live at the homes of elite couples, where they are repeatedly forced to bear children for them. The TV series follows one of these Handmaids, Offred, as she navigates the struggles of this society while attempting to find her daughter who was taken from her. This show has skyrocketed to the top of critics’ most-loved lists since its 2017 debut, winning 15 Emmy awards (out of a mind-blowing 54 nominations).


Genre: Drama, dark comedy
Number of seasons: 4

Based on the renowned comic book series, Preacher is a wild ride of religion, violence, sex, and supernatural forces. The Preacher is a bad boy named Jesse who returns home to Texas to take his deceased father’s position at the church. But chaos ensues when his body becomes possessed by a spirit that equips him with an extraordinary power. He then embarks on a quest to both find God and understand the source of his new power. Accompanying him is his badass ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and new vampire friend, Cassidy.

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