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Disclaimer: As of February, 2020, Sprint has permanently shut down Virgin Mobile and has migrated all Virgin Mobile customers to Sprint’s other MVNO, Boost Mobile. Check out Boost Mobile plans for more details.

Virgin Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile has some very basic options for prepaid cell phone plans prices only $10 apart. While Virgin Mobile calls these “Unlimited plans,” only their top tier plan is truly unlimited in 4G data.

Virgin Prepaid Plans Include:

  • Virgin Mobile Plan Features
  • Unlimited talk and text on Sprint’s 4G LTE network
  • Data allotment on 4G LTE (unlimited 2G data after cap)
  • DVD-quality streaming (480p)
  • No contract
  • 50 domestic roaming minutes

Full details

Only Virgin Mobile’s top tier plan is truly unlimited in 4G data

With so few options, choosing a Virgin Mobile plan is all about price. And while their lowest-cost plans are decent (including 5-10GB of data), their highest tier may have the best value as it has an actual unlimited data package—somewhat comparable to lower unlimited plans on Sprint and other carriers. However, it’s important to note that your data speeds may be slowed and deprioritized during network congestion, after 35GB of data use. This means Sprint customers get 4G data priority over Virgin Mobile.

Also, Sprint’s 4G LTE network ranks below most of the bigger carriers, making coverage a hit or miss for customers based on geography. Be sure to check the coverage map before making a commitment to any carrier.

Virgin Mobile Plans Compared 

Plan Cost/Month Lowest $ Middle $ Highest $
Talk and Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 5GB 4G LTE 10GB 4G LTE Unlimited 4G LTE up to 35GB
Full Details Virgin Mobile Low Virgin Mobile Middle Virgin Mobile High

Virgin Mobile also offers some extras if you want to connect your devices to a mobile hotspot, buy phone insurance, or make international calls. Unfortunately, you have to pay for them.


Mobile Hotspot

For adding mobile hotspot use, Virgin Mobile offers some unique options. You can pay daily for 500MB of hotspot data or pay a monthly fee for 1GB or 2GB. The daily option is perfect for travelers in occasional need of mobile internet. Meanwhile, the monthly option is better for consistent business travel (within the U.S.). Once the mobile hotspot data is used, however, the plan won’t renew until it resets the following month. Nevertheless, Virgin Mobile will renew your plan before the end of the month if you pay early using their “Plan Restart” offering.

There are no monthly payment options for Phones with Virgin Mobile

Phone Insurance

Virgin Mobile offers basic smartphone insurance for a monthly fee through a third party. It’s a nice-to-have offered by almost every other cell phone carrier.

Sprint International Service
Virgin Mobile plans charge extra for international calling and messaging services.

International Calling

The international calling options for Virgin Mobile plans are a bit underwhelming considering other carriers offer calls to and from Mexico for free. Virgin Mobile charges $5/mo for these basic services and unlimited worldwide text messaging.

It’s not a bad deal if you consider how affordable Virgin Mobile’s smaller data plans are, but for the unlimited package, it’s just not worth it. There’s also a second option for international calling for double the price. It features:

  • Unlimited calls to 70+ countries (landlines only)
  • 200 minutes for calling 50+ countries
  • Reduced rates for calling 200 other destinations.

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Bring Your Own iPhone

Virgin Mobile allows new customers to bring CDMA-compatible iPhones. In order to do so, you need to check the eligibility of your phone and purchase a Virgin Mobile SIM card. You can then install the SIM card, purchase a plan online, and activate your iPhone on Virgin Mobile’s network.