Boost Mobile is one of the most popular mobile virtual network operators on Sprint’s 4G LTE network, and they offer a plethora of opportunities for new and existing customers. In order to keep you up-to-date on the latest Boost deals, we’ve pulled together a list of the top Boost promotions this week. Don’t miss out on these Boost Mobile phone discounts as of February 3, 2020.

Boost Mobile

★Editor’s Pick★ $100 off the iPhone XR

Total Savings: $100

Boost is taking $100 off the retail price of the iPhone XR, plus an additional 20% off with the promo code ANDROID2020, dropping the price to $380 in total. Apple’s newest phone has a stunning 6.1-inch retina display, a blazing A12 processor, Face ID security, and one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. Oh, and let’s not forget the Animojis! Using Sprint’s 4G network through Boost Mobile on this premium device could do wonders for you if you’re looking for the latest and greatest iPhone.

The iPhone XR is the latest and greatest iPhone

iPhone XR

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★ 

$220 off the newest iPhone on the market can be an awesome deal if you like to switch carriers or get instant discounts. While other carriers do offer buy one, get one deals on the newest iPhones, they also string you along by paying you back via bill credits for 24-36 months. This circumstance offers you an instant discount on one of the hottest new phones.

Fine Print: Must purchase the iPhone XR with a wireless plan and activate online. Taxes at checkout. Must stay with Boost Mobile for 12 months to get the phone unlocked.

Unlimited Gigs Family Plan with Four Lines for $100

Total Savings: At least $20/month

If you’re in need of a Boost Mobile family plan, Boost is offering a great discount on an Unlimited Gigs plan, charging only $100/month for four lines. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, data, and nationwide coverage with voice roaming, and 1GB of hotspot data per line.

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★  

Four lines for $100 is incredibly thrifty, especially including unlimited data and 4GB of mobile hotspot use. Not all carriers include those features with their unlimited family plans. Nevertheless, because of Sprint’s poor national coverage, this plan may not work for all families.

Fine Print: New customers only.  The total plan price includes taxes and fees. Requires adding four new lines to Boost Mobile with at least one number port from a carrier outside of Sprint’s network. If a secondary line leaves, the price remains $100. A fifth line costs $30/month more, and ineligible lines will be put on the $50 single-line plan. If you use more than 35GB in a month, your data speeds may be deprioritized when Sprint’s network is congested. Deal is only available online.

Discounts on Pre-Owned iPhones and Samsung Devices

Total Savings: Up to $220

For a limited time, Boost Mobile is selling discounted pre-owned phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus. Pre-owned phones are a great way to save some serious cash. Make sure to read the fine print because there is a difference between Certified Pre-Owned devices and Pre-Owned devices, although both are good deals.

Fine Print: Certified Pre-Owned phones have been tested and remanufactured, while pre-owned have not. Certified phones have new outer shells and brand new batteries, while pre-owned have the original, gently cleansed shell and original battery. Must buy the device outright.

About Boost Mobile and Boost Mobile Deals

Boost MobileLet’s Talk’s list of deals for Boost plans, Boost Mobile phones, and other promotions are updated on a weekly basis. Many Boost deals require new customers to sign up for wireless service, switch from a different wireless carrier, or purchase new Boost cell phones and activate them with wireless service. Boost also requires customers to stay with them for 12 months before unlocking devices, which can make it difficult to bring a device to another carrier.

Boost Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator that offers prepaid plans over Sprint’s 4G LTE network, which is the fourth-best coverage in the U.S. after Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

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