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Page Plus is a prepaid-only wireless provider that runs on Verizon’s network which covers more than 70% of the United States, beating out its closest competitor, T-Mobile, by 11%. With Page Plus you will receive the same coverage as Verizon, but you’ll save money because their plans are cheaper. Page Plus plans never have contracts, so you’re free to switch plans or carriers if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Page Plus Plans

Page Plus plans are only prepaid, meaning you pay for your service before you use it. There are two different types of prepaid plans: pay-as-you-go and monthly plans.

  • Monthly plans are discounted when you sign up for autopay, and depending on the plan you choose you can save up to $5 each month. Most of their monthly plans also offer unlimited talk and text.
  • Pay-as-go-plans give you as much service as you pay for. After you put money in your account, each text, phone call, and data usage will draw from that. You can reload your plan as often as you need to get more service.

Page Plus Compared

Page Plus 8GB Plan Page Plus Unlimited Plan
Phone Type 40+ phones available 40+ phones available
High-Speed Data Allowance 8GB (then slowed to 2G speeds) Unlimited (up to 60GB then slowed to 2G speeds)
Domestic Texts & Calls Unlimited Unlimited
Perks Free $10 intl. calling card Free $10 intl. calling card
Roaming No domestic roaming charges No domestic roaming charges
Contract Type No contract No contract
Full Details Full Details Full Details

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Page plus gives you add-ons to make your service perfect for you. For instance:

  • If you run out of high-speed data on your data, you can purchase more for $10 with a data add-on card. If you don’t use all the extra data, it will roll over to the next month.
  • If you need international calling minutes, you can purchase a one-time $9 global calling card. Be sure to use up all these minutes as they won’t roll over to the next month.

Page Plus Phones

With Page Plus, you have three ways to buy or use a phone:

  • Finance or lease a phone
  • Buy a phone outright
  • Bring your own phone

Finance or Pay Monthly Installments

To finance a phone, you will work with a third-party company, Affirm. Affirm allows you to pay monthly installments to buy a phone instead of paying one large lump sum upfront. After a credit check and down payment, your payments will be spread out in 6, 12, or 18-month installments. Affirm can charge you up to 30% interest, so it’s important to be aware that you could end up paying more than the cost of the phone after all your payments. However, if you don’t have the cash to pay for a phone upfront, this is a good option.

Buying page plus phones outright may end up being cheaper in the long run if you are being charged interest on your monthly payments

Buy Outright

When you buy outright, you pay the full price of the phone upfront and own it right away. If you have the cash to spare AND you need a new phone, this may be your the best option. Buying outright will save you money in the long run because you won’t pay any interest on the device. Page Plus offers 43 different phones with all the latest models from top brands like Samsung and Apple.

Bring Your Own Phone

An IMEI is your phone’s identification number, you can find it in your settings.

If you already have a phone that you like, you can bring it with you to Page Plus. Because Page Plus runs on Verizon’s network, any unlocked Verizon phone will be compatible with them. Sprint uses the same network technology as Verizon, so your Sprint phone is likely compatible as well. If you have an AT&T or T-Mobile phone, you will need to check your phone’s compatibility via Page Plus’s IMEI database.

Check your phone’s compatibility

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