Samsung Galaxy smartphones are some of the most stunning phones around, with state of the art hardware and design, intuitive software, and an out-of-this-world name—Galaxy. We’ve put together a list of the best Samsung Galaxy deals available as of March 30, 2020, with U.S. cell phone carriers.

Best Samsung Galaxy deals:

#1 Samsung Galaxy Deal

Free Samsung Galaxy S20 5G+ Deal: Save $1,200

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 5G series is the newest and most sophisticated 5G-enabled device to hit the market—and AT&T is giving its next-level S20+ model (128GB) to you for FREE when you trade in your old phone. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Buy the Galaxy S20+ 5G on monthly installments.
  • Trade in your current eligible smartphone (must be in good working condition).
  • Port in your phone number to a new line on an unlimited plan at least $75/month or higher.
  • Get $1,200 in bill credits over 30 months… equaling a FREE S20+ 5G (128GB).

If you want this phone in a higher storage capacity or different model, you can still get the $1,200 credit toward the Galaxy S20+ 5G (512GB) or the S20 Ultra 5G (128GB or 512GB).


  • This is the absolute most brand spankin’ new 5G phone to hit the market, and you get it for zero dollars.
  • AT&T’s network coverage is excellent, barely behind leader Verizon.


  • AT&T’s 5G coverage is currently quite limited, so a 5G phone may not be practical until the network expands.
  • AT&T’s unlimited plans are fairly expensive.

#2 Samsung Galaxy Deal

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Deal: Save Up to $1,100

Here’s the scoop on Verizon’s awesome Samsung Galaxy deal:

  • Get $200 in bill credits simply for purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+. Nothing else required.
  • Then, when you add one of the new Galaxy S20 5G phones to your cart, you’ll get $750 back in monthly credits, as long as one of the phones is a new line on an unlimited plan.
  • If you don’t need two phones, you can upgrade an existing line, trade in a device, and get up to $300 off instead. Must buy on monthly payments.
  • Lastly, get a $150 prepaid Mastercard when you switch to Verizon, sign up for an unlimited plan, and purchase your Note10 on installments.
  • Receive Verizon Stream TV and 1 month of YouTube TV FREE ($120 value), too.


  • Get two incredible devices at a major discount.
  • Verizon has the top network coverage in the country.


  • Verizon’s unlimited plans tend to be fairly expensive, and their 5G network is still limited.
  • You may not need two phones.
  • You may not have an eligible device to trade in.

#3 Samsung Galaxy Deal

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Discount: Save up to $700

For a limited time, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for just $150 through AT&T—that’s $700 off! All you have to do is switch to AT&T and trade in an eligible smartphone in good working condition.

You’ll need to purchase your phone on monthly installments and port in your number. If you’d rather receive a new phone number, you’ll receive a credit of $500 instead. And if you’re upgrading an existing line instead of activating a new one, your credit will be $300.


  • You get a spectacular device for 80% off the retail price—which is major.


  • To qualify, you must sign up for an unlimited plan of at least $75/month—which is pretty expensive.

#4 Samsung Galaxy Deal

Samsung Galaxy S10e BOGO Deal: Save up to $700

Get the Samsung Galaxy S10e for just $1/month (no, seriously) with AT&T. All you have to do is purchase the phone on monthly payments and add it as a new line on an unlimited plan.


  • Get a slammin’ new smartphone for less than your daily cup of coffee.
  • Enjoy AT&T’s excellent coverage and network speeds.


  • AT&T’s plans are typically on the pricier side.
  • You’re locked in for 30 months, which is one of the longest terms on the market.

#5 Samsung Galaxy Deal

Discount on Samsung Galaxy S9: Save $450

Who said you needed a brand new phone? You can get the still-powerful Samsung Galaxy S9 for just $5/month through AT&T when you purchase it on monthly installments. Simply add a new line to an AT&T unlimited plan of at least $75/month when you buy your phone.

After that, you’ll get a whopping $450 back in credits to your account! Your savings will be applied over 30 months.


  • If you need a quality Samsung device but don’t want to fork over the cash for the absolute latest model, AT&T’s offer on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a great one to consider.


  • AT&T’s payment terms are 30 months, which means you’ll be locked in to your older phone for quite a while.
  • AT&T’s required unlimited plans are on the expensive side.

#6 Samsung Galaxy Deal

Free Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure: Save $120

You can get the no-fuss Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure for zip, zilch, zero dollars right now through Cricket Wireless. All you need to do is port in your number when you activate a new plan that’s at least $30/month. The J2 mixes smartphone tech with a low-maintenance approach, offering “Easy Mode” with a pared-down interface for those who just want the basics.


  • If you need a quality Samsung device but don’t want to fork over the cash for the absolute latest model, Cricket’s offer on the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure is a great one to consider.


  • The J2 is a smartphone at its most basic, so you’re sacrificing a lot of the bells and whistles Samsung is generally known for.

#7 Samsung Galaxy Deal

Free Samsung Galaxy A20: Save $240

If you want a Samsung Galaxy but are short on cash, there are cheaper models available. One of them is the Galaxy A20 ($239), and Metro by T-Mobile is offering this phone for FREE when you switch and port in your number.


  • Receive the discount via instant rebates (as opposed to monthy bill credits)
  • It’s a free phone on a solid network.


  • The deal is only available in stores.
  • Must be a new Metro customer in order to get this deal.