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Gen Mobile is a prepaid carrier running on Sprint’s network that specializes in inexpensive prepaid cell phone plans built for international calling. Their plans feature smaller amounts of talk, text, and data than traditional carriers. Read on to learn more about Gen Mobile and its plans.

All Gen Mobile plans come with unlimited international texting to over 100 countries.

Gen Mobile Plans

Gen Mobile has six affordable phone plans ranging from $5-$25/month available with various international calling and texting options, high-speed data from Sprint’s 4G LTE network, and mobile hotspot use.

Gen Mobile plans include the following:

  • Unlimited U.S. and international texting to 100+ countries.
  • Unlimited U.S. minutes on five plans.
  • Free international calling to 100+ countries on three of their unlimited talk/text plans.
  • 4G LTE mobile hotspot data included with four plans.
  • Add-on minutes, data, and international credits ($5 for 500 minutes OR 500MB OR $5 International calling credit).

Gen Mobile Plans Compared

Talk Text High-Speed Data Mobile Hotspot
Unlimited None Unlimited global None No
Unlimited Talk & Text Unlimited U.S. minutes Unlimited global None No
300 min. + 1GB 300 U.S. minutes Unlimited global 1GB No
+ 1GB
Unlimited U.S. and to 100+ countries Unlimited global 1GB Yes
+ 2GB
Unlimited U.S. and to 100+ countries Unlimited global 2GB Yes
International +3GB NUnlimited U.S. and to 100+ countries Unlimited global 3GB Yes

Gen Mobile’s best perk is free unlimited texting and unlimited international calling to over 100 countries. Just note that international calling is only offered on their $15, $20, and $25 unlimited talk/text plans. In addition, because Gen Mobile is on Sprint’s sub-par network, people traveling in the U.S. may not enjoy the full benefit from Gen Mobile’s generous international calling options when their service drops.

Gen Mobile Plan Payment and Renewal

Because Gen Mobile plans are prepaid, they do not require a contract or credit check and are renewed at the end of each month. To renew your plan, you can use their mobile application known as Gen Care. There is also an auto-pay feature, so you can renew service automatically.

If you forget to renew service, all Gen Mobile plans come with a “15-day texting window,” which gives you more time to renew your plan before Gen Mobile suspends your service, as well as free unlimited texting (U.S. and international) during that 15-day period.

You can bring any Boost, Sprint, or Virgin Mobile phone to Gen Mobile.

How Gen Mobile Plans Compare

Gen Mobile’s prepaid plans are comparable to other affordable Sprint MVNOs like Red Pocket, Twigby, Ting, and Tello which offer good pricing on their plans, smaller plan allowances, and international calling and texting options.

However, unlike Tello, Ting, and Twigby, there is no custom plan builder, so you can’t select the exact quantity of minutes, texts or data you wish to use. Nevertheless, this can work to your benefit when you don’t have to estimate your own specific usage needs in order to choose a plan. Check out a plan comparison for these carriers below for a 300 minute/500 text/500MB data plan below.

Gen Mobile and Sprint MVNO Plans Comparison

Minutes Text Data Cost per Month
Gen Mobile 1GB 300 (no international) Unlimited international texting 1GB $10
Red Pocket $10 500 U.S/70+ countries 500 500MB $10
Tello Build Your Own 300 U.S./ Mexico/ Canada Unlimited 500MB $11
Ting Build Your Own Unlimited U.S./60+ countries Unlimited  U.S./60+ countries 500MB $25
Twigby Unlimited
Talk and Text
300 U.S./Mexico/
Unlimited global 1GB $11.25

In terms of data, Gen Mobile’s offerings are comparable to other small Sprint MVNOs, though they lack an unlimited data plan (bigger Sprint MVNOs like Boost offer them). Gen Mobile’s plans max out at 3GB of data; as such, they’re best for lower data users.

Unlimited U.S. and international texting on all plans
International calling minutes on some plans
Mobile hotspot use on some plans
15-day grace period on renewing service with free texting

Lowest ranked coverage with Sprint
Data plans max out at 3GB
Minimal plan customization
Only sells older phones
No plan customization

Buy a Gen Mobile Phone

If you’re looking for a new Gen Mobile phone, you may be disappointed. While Gen Mobile sells over 20 Android, iOS, and flip phones on their website, none of them are new. For a budget carrier this isn’t uncommon, but considering many other Sprint MVNOs like Boost and Ting do have the latest devices, it’s a drawback.

Also, with no options for monthly financing, you’ll have to purchase a Gen Mobile phone outright. Depending on the phone you choose, that could be more expensive than you bargained for.

Bring Your Own Phone

You can bring any Boost, Sprint, or Virgin Mobile phone to Gen Mobile, and you’ll receive a free SIM card. Select phones from other carriers are also compatible, but you will have to pay $5 to purchase a Gen Mobile SIM card before activating it on the network. You can find a full list of compatible phones here. No international phones are compatible.

Once you’ve bought and received your SIM card and wireless plan, Gen Mobile will call you to assist with activation. You can also call their number directly or use their online chat.