With dozens of cell phone carriers to choose from, finding the perfect cell phone deal is quite the task. That’s why Let’s Talk has put together a list to save you some research. The following list features the best Metro by T-Mobile deals available as of March 30, 2020.

Metro by T-MobileEditor’s PickBest 2-line Deal: $90/Month

Total Savings: $360/year

Metro by T-Mobile is offering a nice deal on their $60 Unlimited Plan. You can get two lines on this plan for $45/month each when you switch carriers and port in at least one line (both must be on the $60 plan).

You’ll receive:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data (users of more than 35GB/month may notice reduced speeds)
  • A 15GB 4G LTE mobile hotspot
  • Amazon Prime subscription (worth $12.99/month)
  • 100GB of Google One cloud storage (worth $1.99/month)

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

This is a sweet discount on Metro’s $60 Unlimited Plan. You’re getting 10GB more hotspot data and an Amazon Prime subscription. That’s much more value for your dollar any way you look at it, especially for two people on a budget. For that, we’re giving this deal four stars.

Fine Print: Limited time. Requires at least one line port and two lines on $60 Unlimited plans. If you deactivate one of the lines, all lines will lose promotional pricing. $15 per line activation.

Best iPhone 7 Deal

Total Savings: $350

This Metro by T-Mobile deal will get you the iPhone 7 for ONLY $50 when you switch to Metro PCS/Metro by T-Mobile and port in your current number. This is an in-store offer only. You receive the $350 after instant rebates.

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★ 

We’re giving this deal 3/5 stars because the iPhone 7 is an older phone. it’s about 5 generations behind the current models and isn’t as fast or fancy as the new iPhone 11 devices. BUT this phone still has some awesome features like a 12MP camera (comparable to the iPhone 11), HD retina display, plus it’s splash and water-resistant.

Fine Print: Must switch to Metro and port your number. Each household can qualify for two of these deals. Excludes phone numbers active on T-Mobile’s network in the last 90 days. Only available in store. Rebate is instant.

Best 4-line Deal: $120/Month

Total Savings: $360/year

Metro by T-Mobile is offering an incredible 4-line family plan deal on their $60 Unlimited plan—each line costs only $30/month! Rather than paying $150 for four lines, you pay $120/month when you switch. That’s $360 annual savings right off the bat.

This Metro plan comes with an Amazon Prime subscription (worth $12.99/month), 100GB of Google One cloud storage, and a mobile hotspot with 15GB of high-speed data. Oh, and it also has unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data. Not too shabby at $30/month per line for a family of four.

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

This is a great deal on an unlimited plan, especially for a smaller carrier. Compared to similar plans from Verizon and AT&T, this Metro by T-Mobile plan will save you a huge chunk of money without sacrificing perks, such as Google One cloud storage and a mobile hotspot with high-speed data. For comparison, even Boost Mobile’s most affordable unlimited plan costs $140/month without any included extras for content streaming or storage.

Fine Print: Requires one new line of service. Must sign up four lines on a $60 Unlimited family plan. If you deactivate one of the lines, all lines will lose promotional pricing. Five lines max. Android device needed for Google One services.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Discounts

Total Savings: $300

Samsung Galaxy S10 series

If you’re looking for the newest Samsung Galaxy phones, Metro has them. In fact, they’re even offering $230 off S10 devices when you switch carriers and transfer your phone number. All you have to do is purchase an S10 model outright on Metro’s $50 Unlimited High-Speed data plan. The deal excludes anyone already active on a T-Mobile network in the past 90 days.

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★ ★

Samsung Galaxy phones are some of the hottest new Android devices around. This deal gets you brand new tech at an instant discount without the constraints of waiting 30 months for billing credits. Admittedly, it’s still expensive, but $230 off at checkout is a great feeling compared to strapping yourself to a 30-month payment plan.

Fine Print: Limited time. Requires you to switch carriers, add one new line of service, and purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 model on Metro’s $50 Unlimited High-Speed Data plan. $15 activation fee per line and taxes not included.

Select Free Android Phones When You Switch

Total Savings: Up to $239

Metro has a plethora of Android devices that are free when you switch carriers and port in a line on their $50 Unlimited High-Speed Data plan. Phones included in this deal:

  • Alcatel 1X Evolve, GO FLIP (flip phone), Alcatel 7
  • Coolpad Defiant
  • LG K20 Plus, K30, Aristo 3, Aristo 3 Plus
  • Moto e Plus, Moto e Play
  • Samsung Galaxy J2, Galaxy J7 Star
  • ZTE Avid 4

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

With over a dozen Android phones to choose from, this deal makes switching carriers easy and attractive. Plus, you’ll get a great unlimited data plan at a competitive rate. You’re unlikely to find this many “free” phones at any other carrier right now. While these devices are lower-end Android smartphones, you can still save up to $239 on LG’s Stylo 4 with this deal.

Fine Print: Requires porting in a number and adding one new line of service on Metro by T-Mobile’s $50 Unlimited High-Speed Data plan. $15 activation fee per line. Excludes numbers from T-Mobile or Metro that have been active the past 90 days. Taxes and fees not included.

iPhone 8 Plus Discounts

Total Savings: Up to $250

iPhone 8 wireless chargingIf you’re looking for a recent iPhone but don’t want to pay the full retail price, you’re in luck. Metro is discounting the iPhone 8 64GB model by $250 off its retail price of $450 when you switch carriers and port in a line on their $50 Unlimited plan (or higher).

Let’s Talk Take: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

The iPhone 8 is one of Apple’s best smartphones from 2017, and this offer gets you a decent discount off its high sticker price immediately at checkout. For some, this deal structure is more convenient than the lengthy bill credit repayment plan you’d receive at larger carriers.

Fine Print: Requires you to switch carriers, add one new line of service, and purchase the iPhone 8 Plus (64GB model) on Metro’s $50+ unlimited plan. $15 activation fee per line and taxes not included.

About Metro by T-Mobile and Metro Deals

Metro by T-Mobile

Let’s Talk lists Metro by T-Mobile deals for plans, Metro phones, and other promotions every week. MetroPCS was purchased by T-Mobile years ago and rebranded as Metro by T-Mobile in 2018. Many Metro deals require customers sign up for wireless service, switch from a different wireless carrier, or purchase new Metro cell phones and activate them with wireless service. Unfortunately for existing customers, many Metro deals and promotions are only offered to new customers. All plan sign-ups are done in Metro by T-Mobile stores. Metro also requires customers to stay with them for 180 days before unlocking devices. Metro by T-Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator that offers prepaid plans over T-Mobile’s 4G network, which is one of the top-ranked cellular networks for coverage in the U.S. after Verizon.