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Twigby is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that launched in 2015 offering prepaid cell phone plans at budget rates via Sprint and Verizon’s cellular network. The company plan structure moves away from the “one size fits all” approach and is aimed at good customer service, affordable rates, and no contracts or hidden fees. To help you pick the right Twigby plan for you, Let’s Talk has pulled together all of Twigby’s plans details.

Twigby Plans

All of Twigby’s plans are prepaid, meaning they’re paid at the beginning of the month prior to using their service. Plans are selected by first choosing your designated calling minutes (i.e. 300, 500, or unlimited) with free unlimited global texting to 180 countries, and international calling to Canada, Mexico, and China. The second choice is a data package ranging between 200MB and 10GB, with the addition of a “WiFi Only” option.

Twigby’s monthly costs are much lower than larger carriers and offer a 30-day trial period

Included in Twigby plans:

Talk and text minutes packages
Data packages
Unlimited global texting to 180 international countries from U.S.
Data coverage via Sprint’s 4G LTE network
Talk and text coverage via Verizon’s 4G LTE network
Overage protection for data and voice
Data and Overage Protection
Full Details on Twigby Plans

Twigby data packages come with 4G data speeds on Sprint’s network, but Twigby will slow this down to 2G for the rest of the month if you go over your limit. However, this only happens to customers who use “overage protection.” This goes the same for minutes use, as Twigby plans will suspend your ability to make calls after surpassing your limit on overage protection.

Without overage protection, if you go over your data allowance for the month you will be automatically moved up to the next data package (unless you’re already at Twigby’s highest data. Voice packages function in the exact same way.

Twigby plans come with free unlimited global texting to 180 countries and international calling to Canada, Mexico, and China.

Who are Twigby Plans for?

Twigby plans are best for people who want a thrifty phone plan without all of the bells and whistles major carriers have. It’s also great for people who need to interact with friends or family outside the country thanks to Twigby’s free global texting and several free international calling options.

In terms of pricing, Twigby’s monthly costs are much lower than larger carriers, and they even offer a 30-day trial period where you can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with their service. And because Sprint’s coverage isn’t the highest ranked, depending on your geography, you may end up taking Twigby up on this offer. To avoid this circumstance, simply check out your coverage on Sprint’s coverage map prior to signing up.

Note: Twigby also gets coverage for talk and text through Verizon, so their broader network reach may help where Sprint’s cannot.

Twigby’s simple plan structure makes picking a plan pretty easy if you know your needs.

Let’s Talk Editor’s Pick

If you don’t know your exact needs, we recommend selecting a plan with unlimited talk and text and at least 5GB of data. This gives you ample freedom for streaming music and video, scrolling social media, and of course, communicating with family and friends. This deal is also only $25/month, which undercuts larger carriers by a lot.

Twigby Family Plans

Because Twigby plans are already so affordable (an individual plan with unlimited minutes and 3GB of data can run under $25), they do not offer traditional family plan options. Instead, they recommend you calculate your usage and costs at other carriers and compare it to their individual plan costs. Generally, Twigby family plans will prevail in their pricing compared to regular cellular carriers making it a great deal for a family on a budget.

4 Line Family Plans

Buy a Twigby Phone

Since Twigby is an online company, you can only order devices and sign up for plans on their website. Twigby phones that run the gamut from basic phones (flip phones) to the latest smartphones. While their selection is fairly limited, you can still find modern Androids and iPhones for purchase.

Phones are purchased at full retail and occasionally discounted prices, but there are no monthly payment options for their devices. This may not be helpful if you’re looking to get a newer device, but there are plenty of other affordable options. If you buy a phone directly through Twigby, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a SIM card separately since one comes with your device.

Buy a Twigby Phone

Bring Your Own Phone

Twigby lets you bring your own phone to their service if it’s compatible with Sprint and Verizon’s networks, which both runs on CDMA technology. If you’re not sure if your phone is Twigby-compatible, check your MEID/IMEI number by dialing *#06# and typing the resulting number in their compatibility checker. When you BYOD to Twigby, you’ll need to purchase a new SIM card if yours isn’t compatible.