The search for the right phone deal among dozens of carriers can be a daunting one. That’s why Let’s Talk has curated a weekly list to help you find the best Cricket deal from cell phones to cell phone plans. Read on to see the full list of deals as of February 3, 2020.

Best Cricket Wireless deals:

#1 Cricket Deal

4-Line Family Plan: Save $120/Month

This Cricket deal offers you a sweet family plan with four lines. If you sign up for Cricket’s Unlimited $55/month plan, you’ll get a $120/month discount when you sign four lines. Instead of paying $55/month per line, you’ll receive $30 off the second line and $45 off the third and fourth, bringing your monthly cost to only $100/month excluding taxes, fees, and phones.


  • Unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • International privileges.
  • 22GB data deprioritization threshold.
  • Receive quality coverage on AT&T’s robust network.


  • Data speeds of 3Mbps, which is much slower than 4G LTe speeds.

#2 Cricket Deal

Free Android Devices: Save up to $100

The LG Fortune 2 can be yours for free with this Cricket deal. Just switch carriers and sign up for an eligible plan and you’re in the money. The LG Fortune 2 is a more basic smartphone with a 5-inch display, 16GB of memory, and an 8-megapixel camera and an older version of Android 7. While its specs are definitely limited, this device is perfect for kids or elderly who may not require the latest technology to be satisfied by a device.

And if the LG Fortune just isn’t for you, Cricket is offering other select affordable Android devices for free with a number port. Phones included with this deal:

  • LG Fortune 2 ($99.99 off)
  • Alcatel TETRA ($79.99 off)
  • Moto E5 Cruise ($99.99 off)


  • Who doesn’t like a phone for $0?
  • Solid deal if you’re on a really tight budget.


  • Must activate a new line on a $55/month plan or higher, which may or may not defeat the purpose of getting a free phone.

#3 Cricket Deal

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure: Save $80

Cricket is the King of cell phone deals and they always have a few free phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure. Originally $79, you can now snag this device for $0. Released in 2019, the J2 Pure holds its own compared to other budget smartphones.


  • Makes a great starter phone for anyone who is on a tight budget or breaks things easily.
  • Excellent coverage on AT&T’s network.


  • This phone isn’t for you if you want a sophisticated, feature-packed device.

About Cricket Wireless and Cricket Wireless Deals

Let’s Talk lists deals for Cricket Wireless plans, Cricket phones, and other promotions on a weekly basis. Cricket deals may require new customers to sign up for wireless service, switch from a different wireless carrier and port in a phone number, or purchase new Cricket cell phones and activate them with service plans. Cricket also requires you to have six months of continued paid service before unlocking devices.

Cricket Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator that offers prepaid plans over AT&T’s 4G LTE network, which has the second-best coverage in the U.S. after Verizon Wireless.