Best AT&T cell phone deals as of January 12, 2021

This week AT&T has discounted the iPhone SE to just $10/month and the iPhone 11 is now just $15/month. Plus, trade in an eligible device and get a $700 discount on the new iPhone 12. There are plenty of incredible Samsung Galaxy deals available as well—you can get a new 5G phone for CHEAP.

Our top AT&T cell phone deals this week

  • Pay just $15/month for an iPhone 11 with this AT&T deal (new customers only)
  • Upgrade to a new iPhone and save $300 (existing customers)
  • Trade in an eligible phone to AT&T to get $1,000 off the newest Samsung Galaxy Note20 models
  • Bring your phone to AT&T to get a bonus $250 Visa Rewards Card
  • Get 50% off a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G when you switch to AT&T

Best AT&T deals: iPhones

Best AT&T Samsung Galaxy deals

Best AT&T cell phone plan deals

  • Bring your phone to a new AT&T plan and get a $250 Visa Reward card
  • No activation fee when you BYO phone to AT&T and activate your plan online

About AT&T deals

There’s rarely a day that there aren’t any cell phone deals on offer from AT&T, especially for Cyber Monday. In fact, AT&T is one of the carriers that offer the most deals on all the newest smartphones. There are important things to note when looking for the best AT&T cell phone deal, so it’s important to read the fine print.

New vs existing customers

If you’re already an existing AT&T customer, it’s important to read the full fine print when it comes to AT&T deals, since most of the best deals are for new customers only. AT&T isn’t alone in only offering the biggest discounts to new customers, most other carriers follow suit. As an existing customer, there may be times that you are eligible for a discounted upgrade, but you generally won’t get the same discount as someone switching from a competitor.

Installment plans

Another important thing to note about AT&T deals is that most smartphone discounts are only offered to those who buy the phone on monthly installments (over 30 months). This means if you’re someone who likes to own your phone immediately, most of these deals won’t work for you, since you’ll only get the full discount by staying with AT&T for the full 30 months.

Eligible plan required

Many of AT&T’s deals also require you to sign up for one of AT&T’s unlimited postpaid plans—Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, or Unlimited Elite. The plan you need to choose may differ depending on the deal, so make sure you check this before you complete your transaction.

Trade-in deals

If you’re looking to take advantage of one of AT&T’s trade-in deals, be aware that only certain trade-in phones are eligible, and most of these are newer models. For example, you’re unlikely to get a very big discount (if any) if you try to trade in an iPhone 7, but if you were to trade in an iPhone 11, you’ll probably get the full discount.

Secondly, your trade-in phone must be in good working condition without any damage. So if your phone has a cracked screen, won’t turn one, or has water damage, it won’t be accepted and you can say goodbye to your discount.