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Ting is a unique mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offering smartphones and prepaid cell phone plans supported on both CDMA and GSM networks. With coverage spanning the entire U.S. via Verizon (CMDA), T-Mobile (GSM), and Sprint’s (CDMA) 4G LTE networks and a reputation for great customer service and affordable rates, Ting cell phone plans may be a great pick for you and your family.

Read all about Ting’s cell phone plans available below.

Ting’s rate plans only charge you for what you use, with some as low as $3/month.

Ting Plans

As an MVNO carrier, Ting offers plans that are paid up front and require no contracts or cancellation fees. In addition, they offer plans that aim to charge users only for what they use. This means Ting offers numerous options for each piece of their cell phone plan: Minutes, texts, and data.

Ting’s rate plans give customers more flexibility in choosing the right plan. However, this also means if you prefer plans with unlimited talk and text, and a larger tier of data (the maximum choice is 30GB), you may not find Ting to be useful. Ting plans are geared toward the frugal, and not everyone wants to worry about going over their voice and text limit, especially in the 21st century.

Thankfully, Ting does offer a buffer between rate plans, so going a little bit over your plan does not incur extra charges. Once over the threshold, however, you will be charged at Ting’s specified rate per megabyte. On the flip side, if you use fewer minutes, texts, or less allotted data, you will be charged less at one tier below your selected plan.

Mobile hotspot use is allowed on Ting plans as well, but data use will be billed which can get very expensive quickly. Unfortunately, for anyone interested in roaming outside the U.S., Ting plans offer no benefits to traveling outside the country. Surcharges for texting, calls, and data will apply, even in Mexico or Canada.

Ting Plans Compared

Texts Minutes Data
0 0 0
1-100 1-100 0-100MB
101-1000 101-500 101-500MB
1001-2000 501-1000 501MB-1GB
2001-4800 1001-2100 1.1GB-2GB
4800+ 2100+ 2GB+
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Ting Family Plans

Ting plans allow you to pick up to 100 lines on their account, which is a great prospect for families, groups of friends, or businesses looking to get an affordable group cell phone plan. There’s also a decent discount for each extra line on Ting, so this can save you a great deal of cash.

Ting multi-line plans have the same select minute, text, and data packages offered for individual lines, but they’re shared between the group. Since the rate plans are the very same for individual prepaid plans, selecting one is very intuitive. Likewise, Ting’s online account management tool offers a great way to monitor your phone usage.

Buy a Ting Phone

Because Ting runs on Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile, they sell both new CDMA and GSM cell phones with SIM cards included. There are new and refurbished devices available. While some cost full retail, others come at discounted rate offerings.

Also, there is an option to pay for some devices in monthly installments with 0-30% APR financing through a third-party company. However, this option requires an extra credit check which isn’t required for purchasing Ting devices and plans outright.

Let’s Talk Tip: Ting’s options for purchasing devices is flexible compared to other subcarriers, offering monthly payment plans for new devices.

While discounts are not always available, Ting’s options for purchasing devices are pretty flexible compared to other subcarriers that don’t offer monthly payment plans for new devices. Be sure to use our Phone Finder tool to pick a phone for yourself.