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If you’re looking for an affordable phone plan, H2O Wireless has numerous cheap options for prepaid cell phone plans. H2O does not, however, have a large selection of phones. You’ll want to take this into consideration when deciding whether to get a new phone or to transfer a compatible one over. This article will help you choose which H2O cell phone plan is best for you. Short on time? Check out our Editor’s Pick.

H2O! Wireless Prepaid Plans

Many of H2O’s plans offer unlimited talk and text, but no plans offer unlimited high-speed data. If you’re someone who streams videos or music via your data, H2O Wireless probably isn’t the best carrier for you. That said, there are numerous affordable options for users looking for a limited data cell phone plan that won’t break the bank.

H2O Wireless Plans Compared

$20 Unlimited $40 Unlimited $60 Unlimited
Data Allowance 500 MB 7GB 10GB
Data Speed 4G LTE (with 4G LTE compatible device and SIM) 4G LTE (with 4G LTE compatible device and SIM) 4G LTE (with 4G LTE compatible device and SIM)
Data Prioritization After 500 MB, speed is reduced to 2G After 7GB, speed is reduced to 2G After 10GB, speed is reduced to 2G
Video Streaming Speed 480 p (DVD quality) 480 p (DVD quality) 480 p (DVD quality)
Domestic Texts and Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
International Unlimited calls and texts to 50+ countries Unlimited calls and texts to 50+ countries Unlimited calls and texts to 50+ countries
Benefits $10 international talk credit $20 international talk credit $20 international talk credit
Full Details H2O Prepaid Monthly Plans 


Monthly Plans

H2O’s monthly phone plans are labeled as “Unlimited,” but you need to look at the fine print. The talk and text are unlimited, but the high-speed data will run at 2G speeds after you use your allotted gigabytes for the month. Although you can use unlimited amounts of 2G data, it can be more than 2X slower than 4G, which will require large amounts of patience.

Soon 2G will be a thing of the past as 5G becomes the norm for all wireless providers

Let’s Talk Editor’s Pick

International Service

A cool perk of H2O’s monthly phone plans is unlimited free calls and texts to more than 50 international countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, and more. On top of that, if the country you want to call isn’t covered, you also get a free calling card (with limited minutes) to any other nation in the world.

H2O Wireless Pay as You go
You can load money onto your pay-as-you-go account as often as you need.

Pay as You Go

Another option for H2O customers are pay-as-you-go plans. With this plan, you only pay for the service you use as you’re using it. As you add money to your H2O account, your texts, calls, and data usage will draw from that account. If you run out of money, your service will stop and you’ll only be able to make emergency calls. This can be useful if you aren’t sure how much data you use per month.

H2O! Wireless Family Plans

H2O offers two types of family plans, but each one comes with its own stipulations. The multi-line plan only allows 2 or 4 lines on the account. With this plan, you can get unlimited everything, but after you use 3GB of high-speed data it will slow down to 2G speeds. To qualify for this plan you have to be a new customer. Also, if someone on your plan leaves you no longer qualify for it, and your service will stop until you choose another plan.

The friends and family plan can have up to 4 lines. After the first one, each line added to the account is given a $10 discount. Only new H2O Wireless customers qualify for this plan.

H2O Benefits

H2O offers benefits to loyal customers via their H2O rewards program. All customers, minus those on the friends and family plans, are eligible to accrue points and redeem them for free recharges on their account.

Earn Rewards Points With H2O

There are multiple ways you can earn points:

    • Refer a friend who signs up to get $30 worth of rewards points
    • Get 2% back in points for every online recharge
    • Get a $5 credit for new account activations done by credit card
    • Receive surprise Loyalty Points through your account

Points can’t be earned or redeemed on auto-recharges, recharges & activations under the h2o Friends & Family Plan.

Buy a Cell Phone From H2O! Wireless

There are a handful of ways to buy and use a phone with H2O Wireless. You can make monthly payments, buy outright, or bring your own phone.

Monthly Installments

You can pay off a cell phone from H2O Wireless by making smaller monthly payments through the third-party company, Affirm. This is a great option if you don’t have the cash to buy a phone outright. Be aware, however, that an interest rate is added to your monthly payments, so you’ll be paying more in total compared to just buying the phone upfront.

with affirm you can Make easy monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months

Buy Outright

The list below shows all of the phones available to purchase from H2O. You will notice they have a very small selection of phones and don’t offer the newest models from any brand. But, if you’re looking for an affordable phone that will do the basics, these H2O phones have you covered.

During the checkout process, make sure you specify you want to buy the phone outright. Once you check out, the phone will be shipped and you can officially start your service with H2O Wireless upon arrival.

Bring Your Own Phone

H2O Wireless: “Any phones from Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Verizon, MetroPCS, or Boost Mobile are NOT compatible.”

All AT&T phones will work with H2O since the carrier runs on AT&T’s network. Phones from T-Mobile will also likely be compatible because they use the same network technology as AT&T (GSM). However, phones from non-AT&T and T-Mobile networks may not work, especially if they are older models.