Verizon’s network covers 70% of the United States, which is the most coverage of the four main carriers (a group that also includes AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile). You can see how they compare by looking at the Verizon coverage map. Keep in mind that one downside to great coverage is more expensive plans. Continue reading to learn more about Verizon’s plans and service.

Full List of Verizon Wireless Plans

Verizon Coverage Compared

Verizon easily beats competitors with massive amounts of 4G coverage in the United States. AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks offer a decent breadth of coverage but fall short of Verizon’s 70% nationwide service. Verizon lays claim to a full 40% more coverage than Sprint.

  • Verizon: 70% 4G coverage
  • AT&T: 68% 4G coverage
  • T-Mobile: 62% 4G coverage
  • Sprint: 30% 4G coverage
compare cellphone coverage
Verizon has the most 4G coverage.
AT&T has the most 3G coverage.

Verizon’s U.S. 3G network falls short of AT&T’s 3G network, though not by much.

3G is the type of network signal your phone falls back to in the absence of a 4G signal.

  • AT&T: 70% 3G coverage
  • Verizon: 62% 3G coverage
  • Sprint: 25% 3G coverage
  • T-Mobile: 22% 3G coverage

Verizon Ookla Speed Test

Ookla runs a speed test app where users can run a speed test from their phones. They measured nearly 3-million unique mobile devices that performed over 12 million consumer-initiated cellular tests. They found that Verizon has the third fastest overall average download speed of the four major carriers, coming in just behind T-Mobile and AT&T.

Ookla’s findings in their Q2 2019 speed testing

Fastest Carriers

  1. AT&T with an average download speed of 32.91Mbps
  2. T-Mobile with an average download speed of 30.94
  3. Verizon with an average download speed of 29.43Mbps
  4. Sprint with an average download speed of 28.15 Mbps


RootMetrics tests indoor and outdoor network performance and they found that of the four major carriers, Verizon performs the best beating out AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Their 2018 report can be found here.

Best Overall Network from RootMetrics

  1. Verizon
  2. AT&T
  3. T-Mobile
  4. Sprint

Fastest Carriers from RootMetrics

  1. Verizon
  2. AT&T
  3. T-Mobile
  4. Sprint

Verizon Coverage Map

One look at the Verizon coverage map and you can see that they are the clear coverage winner in the U.S. Although there are a few dead zones in western states like Montana and Idaho, Verizon’s coast-to-coast coverage is still second to none.

Verizon in Your Area

To see what Verizon coverage is like in your area, punch your address into the “Coverage Check” box in Let’s Talk comparison engine. After you search, look in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You’ll see two buttons, click the one that says “Map.” This Verizon coverage map will show you what 3G and 4G coverage is like in the places you spend time.

Enter your address on our comparison tool to compare coverage from all 4 carriers.

Verizon Coverage by State

State Percentage Covered Mile Covered (mi²)
Alabama 96.46% 49,926 mi²
Alaska 1.92% 11,428 mi²
Arizona 82.01% 93,810 mi²
Arkansas 99.53% 52,990 mi²
California 74.18% 122,015 mi²
Colorado 81.67% 85,156 mi²
Connecticut 98.31% 4,947 mi²
Delaware 96.82% 2,009 mi²
Florida 94.17% 55,258 mi²
Georgia 99.07% 58,409 mi²
Hawaii 86.21% 5,894 mi²
Idaho 65.71% 54,527 mi²
Illinois 94.43% 53,206 mi²
Indiana 98.86% 35,806 mi²
Iowa 95.27% 53,754 mi²
Kansas 99.69% 82,028 mi²
Kentucky 66.00% 26,662 mi²
Louisiana 96.29% 45,002 mi²
Maine 59.32% 19,818 mi²
Maryland 92.36% 10,079 mi²
Massachusetts 96.01% 8,016 mi²
Michigan 90.18% 53,778 mi²
Minnesota 88.30% 74,615 mi²
Mississippi 97.96% 46,719 mi²
Missouri 88.19% 61,412 mi²
Montana 58.93% 86,843 mi²
Nebraska 97.48% 75,936 mi²
Nevada 59.43% 61,795 mi²
New Hampshire 84.38% 8,147 mi²
New Jersey 97.52% 7,542 mi²
New Mexico 84.53% 101,463 mi²
New York 87.21% 42,705 mi²
North Carolina 92.67% 46,892 mi²
North Dakota 97.81% 68,393 mi²
Ohio 96.18% 39,764 mi²
Oklahoma 81.96% 57,286 mi²
Oregon 74.39% 72,327 mi²
Pennsylvania 93.08% 42,178 mi²
Rhode Island 92.21% 1,087 mi²
South Carolina 98.73% 30,821 mi²
South Dakota 96.65% 74,320 mi²
Tennessee 96.59% 40,673 mi²
Texas 91.10% 243,085 mi²
Utah 78.25% 65,286 mi²
Vermont 89.91% 8,646 mi²
Virginia 93.24% 38,050 mi²
Washington 69.16% 47,326 mi²
West Virginia 52.24% 12,650 mi²
Wisconsin 87.52% 49,834 mi²
Wyoming 80.56% 79,864 mi²

Verizon Cell Phone Plans

Verizon cell phones plans range from prepaid to postpaid, and unlimited data to pay-as-you-go. As the number one carrier in the United States, you will be paying a premium for their service, which you’ll notice as you scroll their plans. As pricey as the plans might be, your coverage will be unmatched all over the continental states.

Popular Verizon Plans

Verizon MVNO’s

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a smaller carrier that piggybacks off one or more of the four big networks, i.e. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. MVNOs offer the same coverage as the majors with generally lower prices. Verizon has the best coverage in the country with the higher prices to match. If you want to be with America’s largest carrier but skip the costs, check out MVNOs that run on their network.

Some popular MVNOs on Verizon’s network are Straight Talk and XFINITY Mobile

Plans on Verizon’s Network

Let’s Talk Take: Verizon Coverage Map

Verizon is worth the price. Because Verizon has terrific 4G and 3G coverage in the United States, you’ll almost always have service. Plus, you can easily save money by choosing one of 13 MVNOs that run on Verizon’s network.

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