T-Mobile has the second-most nationwide coverage falling behind Verizon Wireless and just barely beating out AT&T. For their significant coast-to-coast coverage, T-Mobile family plans have fairly competitive pricing making them a great choice for your family.

compared to other carriers T-Mobile has the least amount of family plan variation

One downside to their family plans is that you can ONLY choose unlimited data plans or no data plans—compared to their major competitors, T-Mobile doesn’t have as many choices and aren’t as flexible as other carriers. This guide will help you decide if T-Mobile is right for your family.

What You Get With T-Mobile Family Plans:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited international texting
  • Unlimited WiFi calling and texting (if your device is capable
  • Coverage in Mexico and Canada
  • Content streaming subscriptions (with qualifying plans)
  • No contracts

What are Family Plans and Why Should I Get a Family Plan?

T-Mobile will pay off
up to $350 dollars in
fees per line when you
switch to them.

T-Mobile family plans allow you to put multiple lines on one account, which helps with organization and makes it easier to pay bills. You should get a family plan because T-Mobile discounts them which instantly saves you money. For instance, if the unlimited “Essentials” plan costs $60/month for an individual plan, four plans would cost $240/month. On the other hand, with the “Essentials” family plan, you will save more than $100 per month with four lines.

Postpaid T-Mobile Family Plans

All T-Mobile family plans are postpaid, meaning you pay for your service after you use it. Compared to its major competitors, T-Mobile family plans don’t have as many choices and aren’t as flexible as other carriers. T-Mobile offers two types of family plans: unlimited data or no data. There are a few plans to choose from if you want unlimited data, but unlike some other carriers, you can’t mix and match family plans on T-Mobile.

If you don’t want unlimited data for your family plan, the only other option you have is no data. This plan also doesn’t allow you to add on data at a later time.

A “talk and text only” plan is best for those who don’t ever use data

Prepaid T-Mobile Family Plans

T-Mobile doesn’t offer any prepaid family plans, however, smaller carriers that operate on their network offer prepaid plans that are generally cheaper than other T-Mobile family plans.

Other Family Plans on T-Mobiles Network (MVNOs)

About 15 smaller carriers run on T-Mobile’s network, also known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). They offer the same coverage as T-Mobile for generally lower prices. MVNOs typically only offer prepaid plans, so you will pay for your service before you use it.

Let’s Talk Tip: There isn’t much of a difference between prepaid and postpaid besides when you pay your bills; however, MVNO plans are often cheaper than T-Mobile’s saving you more money.

T-Mobile Coverage

Enter your address on our comparison tool to
compare coverage from all 4 carriers.

Before you pull the trigger and choose a T-Mobile family plan, make sure they have coverage in your area. With service that covers nearly 60% of the United States, chances are you won’t have to worry. Nevertheless, there are some dead spots in their coverage in Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. To see if T-Mobile covers the areas you frequent use our coverage checker. Just type your address in the search bar and press “Enter”. Look in the upper right-hand corner and click the map—this will show you if there’s coverage in your area and if it’s 3G or 4G.

T-Mobile Coverage by State

State Percentage Covered Mile Covered (mi²)
Alabama 81.84% 42,362 mi²
Alaska 0% 0 mi²
Arizona 58.80% 67,267 mi²
Arkansas 89% 47,384 mi²
California 72.69% 112,804 mi²
Colorado 60.38% 62,951 mi²
Connecticut 98.44% 4,957 mi²
Delaware 96.83% 2,009 mi²
Florida 88.14% 51,178 mi²
Georgia 90.65% 53,450 mi²
Hawaii 63.06% 4,311 mi²
Idaho 50.36% 41,792 mi²
Illinois 86.11% 48,518 mi²
Indiana 95.87% 34,724 mi²
Iowa 65.35% 36,871 mi²
Kansas 86.07% 70,823 mi²
Kentucky 86.43% 34,901 mi²
Louisiana 92.31% 43,142 mi²
Maine 25.49% 8,516 mi²
Maryland 93.34% 10,187 mi²
Massachusetts 94.26% 7,870 mi²
Michigan 84.64% 50,470 mi²
Minnesota 87.60% 78,171 mi²
Mississippi 68.5% 32,667 mi²
Missouri 81.04% 56,434 mi²
Montana 57.56% 84,830 mi²
Nebraska 14.38% 11,200 mi²
Nevada 58.95% 65,646 mi²
New Hampshire 76.75% 7,405 mi²
New Jersey 97.85% 7,565 mi²
New Mexico 88.59% 106,322 mi²
New York 84.29% 41,270 mi²
North Carolina 83.20% 42,103 mi²
North Dakota 83.59% 47,103 mi²
Ohio 95.13% 39,189 mi²
Oklahoma 94.45% 66,012 mi²
Oregon 47.27% 45,949 mi²
Pennsylvania 92.94% 42,110 mi²
Rhode Island 91.44% 1,078 mi²
South Carolina 96.29% 30,060 mi²
South Dakota 76.21% 58,602 mi²
Tennessee 75.29% 31,704 mi²
Texas 85.92% 229,252 mi²
Utah 66.12% 55,161 mi²
Vermont 60.92% 5,858 mi²
Virginia 81.55% 33,277 mi²
Washington 62.86% 43,012 mi²
West Virginia 42.17% 10,214 mi²
Wisconsin 72.61% 40,672 mi²
Wyoming 52.28% 51,832 mi²

Let’s Talk Take: What T-Mobile Family Plan Should I Get?

Because T-Mobile has competitive prices but not very many options, the family plan you get will depend on your budget and your data usage.

  • If you don’t want or use data, the family plan with no data is perfect for you
  • For families that want to stream, post, and scroll through news and social media any of the unlimited plans would be great—you just need to decide which unlimited plan and perks you want
  • If you want T-Mobile’s network but want other options, check out MVNOs that run on their network—you’ll find dozens of prepaid options that may work better for your lifestyle
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