Verizon lays claim to America’s largest 4G network, which means that no matter which phone you choose, you’ll receive the best coverage there is. Financing your phone through Verizon Wireless’ 24-month installment plan allows you to pay off your phone in affordable monthly payments. The only exception is certified pre-owned phones, which you have to pay for upfront.

Verizon offers the following payment options for cell phones:

  • 24-month installment plan
  • RRP (pay the full price up front)

With Verizon Wireless you’ll receive the top coverage in the nation

iPhones from Verizon

iPhone XR

Verizon is a great carrier if you’re looking to buy an iPhone, as they carry all the newest models, such as the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, in addition to older Apple devices. Some of the older models, such as the iPhone 7, are available new or pre-owned. New iPhones start as low as $5/month for 24 months for the iPhone 6 and go as high as $45.83/month for the same time frame for the iPhone XS Max.

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Android Phones Available from Verizon

Google Pixel

Verizon offers a variety of Android phones from brands like Samsung, Moto, LG, CAT, and others. Not only do they sell the latest Samsung phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10e, and Samsung Galaxy Note9, but they are also the only cell phone carrier that sells the Google Pixel. The Google Pixel 3 XL starts at $26.24/month, which is a good deal for such a high-quality device. Android financing for other brands starts as low as $5/month with a one-time activation fee.

Top 10 Android Phones available right now (full list of Verizon Android phones here)

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Prepaid Phones from Verizon

Prepaid phones work the same way as a prepaid service does—you’re required to pay the full price of your phone upfront prior to receiving it. This can be rather expensive if you’re looking to buy the newest iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel phones at RRP (recommended retail price), which may cost close to $1,000, but older models are typically far more affordable.

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How to Buy a New Phone on Verizon

You can buy a new phone through Verizon either by purchasing it outright or through their 24-month installment plan.

Buying a Verizon Smartphone Outright

The simplest way to buy a new phone from Verizon is to buy it outright, which means that you pay the full RRP upfront. Buying a Verizon device outright can be rather costly though; the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is priced at $999 and the iPhone Xs Max is even more, running $1,099.99. If you’re determined to buy a phone without having to pay monthly installments, you may want to look into some of Verizon’s certified pre-owned phones. Verizon even separates the pre-owned phones into categories for you—like new, great, very good, and good—and they are priced accordingly.

A certified pre-owned phone is often an affordable alternative to purchasing a brand new phone

Buying a Verizon Smartphone Via Installments

Not interested in paying that much upfront? We don’t blame you. The good news is that the majority of Verizon cell phones are available for purchase through their 24-month installment plan. This payment plan includes $0 down for qualified customers, 0% APR, and a one-time activation fee at checkout. A helpful feature on Verizon’s website is that you can live chat with a representative to check your credit, and thus, discern if you’re qualified.

Once you make 24 monthly payments on your phone of choice, then you own the phone, which isn’t always the case with other carriers, such as Sprint. Be aware that if you choose this payment plan, you’ll have to remain with Verizon’s service for the entire 2-year period. If you wind up leaving Verizon before that time is up, you’ll have to pay the remaining cost of the phone.

If you wind up leaving Verizon before that time is up, you’ll have to pay the remaining cost of the phone

Trade-In & Upgrade

Verizon’s trade-in option allows you to get paid via PayPal or electronic Verizon gift card within 1-2 billing cycles

Considering trading in your Verizon phone for a new one? Verizon makes it easy to do so through their website. Simply choose the manufacturer and model of the device you want to turn in. Verizon lists the estimated trade-in value beneath each device. Then, follow the prompts as to the color, size, network provider, and condition. The fine print clarifies what constitutes good or bad condition so that you don’t have to make a judgment call. Once you answer all of the questions, they will provide you with an estimated trade-in value. You can choose to get paid via PayPal (within 1-2 weeks) or electronic Verizon gift card within 1-2 billing cycles. Or, you can choose to save your appraisal and continue to shop. Picking this option results in the appropriate discount at checkout.

Verizon also runs special, limited-time promotions, such as $300 off with select trade-in and a new line of service. The trade-in phone must be in good cosmetic and working condition. Verizon has a list of eligible trade-in phones, so you’ll want to check that list to ensure your phone qualifies for the deal. Be mindful that you won’t receive that $300 credit in one lump sum; you’ll receive it over 24 months, with credits being applied within 1-2 billing cycles.

As for upgrades, you can check if you’re eligible by entering your phone number here, or by signing into your My Verizon account. On the overview page, scroll down to the My Devices section. There you can see each of your devices and its subsequent upgrade status, as well as any payments that are remaining. If you are eligible for an upgrade, go right ahead and choose your new device!

With Verizon, it’s also possible to upgrade early if you so desire, although this is more expensive than waiting until you’ve paid your phone off. Simply choose your device under the “Pay off and Replace or Upgrade” heading. Beneath it, you will see the payment required in order to upgrade early and keep your phone. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to pick a new phone.

In either case, you can choose to upgrade and keep your same plan or to upgrade and switch plans.