Republic Wireless, a small carrier (MVNO) that operates on Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks, offers a limited assortment of Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10, as well as older Motorola models. Only Androids appear to be compatible with Republic’s network—Republic doesn’t carry iPhones, or allow you bring along your own iPhone for service.

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Republic Wireless Phone Payment Options

Republic Wireless offers the following payment options for its cell phones:

  • Outright (pay full retail price upfront)
  • 6-month payment plan through Affirm
  • 12-month payment plan through Affirm
  • 18-month payment plan through Affirm

Republic Wireless partners with Affirm, a third-party financing company, to provide you with monthly installment options. Although monthly installments can help break up the cost of an expensive device, Affirm charges interest on these devices, with rates as high as 30%. It’s also possible that you’ll have to make a down payment on your Republic Wireless phone with a monthly payment plan.

Android Phones from Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless carries a dozen or so Android phones, including devices from Motorola, Google, and Samsung. A few of its flagship offers include the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10.

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Cheap Phones from Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless carries many affordable phones that you can reasonably pay for upfront if you want to forgo high interest rates on monthly installments. Cheap phones from Republic Wireless start at just $99.

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How to Buy a New Phone on Republic Wireless

You can buy a new Republic Wireless phone one of two ways:

  • Pay for it upfront
  • Monthly installments through Affirm

Buying a Republic Wireless Phone Outright

The most straightforward way to purchase a new phone from Republic Wireless is by buying it outright. This means that you pay the full retail price upfront at checkout. All you have to do is select the phone you want, add it to your cart, then follow the prompts to pay.

Monthly Installments

If paying for a new phone upfront isn’t realistic for you, you can always opt for a monthly installment plan. Republic Wireless partners with Affirm to provide customers with installment plans that distribute the cost of a new phone into affordable monthly payments. Keep in mind, however, that Affirm charges between 10% and 30% interest, so you’ll wind up paying more than the phone’s retail price by the end of your payment plan. In order to determine your interest rate, you’ll have to check your eligibility online—it’s free to do and only takes a few minutes. Moreover, it doesn’t impact your credit score so there’s really no harm in at least investigating this option.