Mint Mobile is already one of the top contenders for best prepaid carriers—and they just made their plans an even sweeter deal. After launching its $30 unlimited plan a few months ago, today Mint announced upgrades to all three of its limited data phone plans:

  • Its 3GB data plan is now 4GB
  • Its 8GB plan is now 10GB
  • Its 12GB plan is now 15GB

Will my Mint plan price change?

No! That’s the best part. Mint has kept the price of each plan the same and simply given you more data for each month. And since Mint already offers some of the cheapest prepaid options on the market, this move significantly ups the value of what you’re paying for.

Just remember that for the 3- and 6-month plan options, those lowest prices are introductory. That means once your initial plan period is up, you’ll renew at a higher price—UNLESS you renew for a 12-month plan, in which case, you can keep that lowest introductory price.

How do I get these new Mint data plans?

Existing Mint customers

If you’re already in the Mint family, you’ll need to wait until your next renewal to enjoy the higher data thresholds. You should have received an email from Mint explaining the details of changes to your specific plan. If you still have questions, though, feel free to contact Mint.

New Mint customers

New customers switching to Mint can get the higher data plans immediately! Switching to Mint Mobile is easy, whether you plan to bring your own phone or buy one from your new carrier. Mint runs on T-Mobile’s network, so make sure your phone works with their service before switching.

Here’s how to switch to Mint and get this promotion:

  • If you’re BYOD:
  • If you want a new phone:
    • Buy one on monthly installments or outright.
  • Purchase a Mint plan—your SIM card comes free!
  • Select whether you want to keep your current phone number.
  • Once you get your SIM, head to Mint’s activation page and follow the prompts.
  • Wait for Mint to contact your old carrier before canceling your current plan.

What is Mint Mobile?

Mint is a prepaid MVNO that runs on T-Mobile’s nationwide network. All of its plans are sold in 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages:

  • Unlimited talk and text on all plans
  • Some of the most affordable data packages on the market
  • Mobile hotspot
  • All-in pricing (taxes and fees included)
  • Free 5G access where available

Mint also has the cheapest unlimited plan in wireless… period. Sure, you have to contend with deprioritization during times of peak usage, and it’s a bummer that the carrier doesn’t yet offer family plan options. But at just $30/month for each line to get unlimited data, it’s STILL cheaper than most per-line pricing on any other family plan you’ll find.