CREDO Mobile doesn’t have a particularly extensive catalog of cell phones but they do carry the newest releases from Samsung and Apple, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e, and the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. They don’t sell any LG phones or the Google Pixel series, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you’ve got your heart set on either of those brands.

One unique feature about CREDO Mobile is that they are devoted to progressive causes, such as women’s rights, environmental conservation, and LGBTQ rights. They donate a portion of their revenue to nonprofits committed to these causes, allowing their wireless customers to vote on which organizations they donate to each month. If social change is important to you, you may want to consider CREDO Mobile. That said, they only donate 1% of their earnings, so it’s possible that you may be better off choosing a cheaper plan and donating yourself.

CREDO Mobile phones can be bought:

  • Outright by paying the full price up front
  • Via a 24-month installment plan

Credo Mobile mostly sells iPhones and Samsung devices. The prices listed for the device payment plans are for new customers only and are subject to credit qualification.

iPhones from CREDO Mobile

CREDO Mobile carries the newest iPhones, such as the iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR, but their selection of older models is limited to a few choices, like the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE. They also sometimes sell refurbished or pre-owned iPhones, so make sure to check back periodically.

Top 10 iPhones Available Right Now

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Android Phones from CREDO Mobile

CREDO Mobile carries Samsung’s newest devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e, plus the slightly older Samsung Galaxy Note9 and S9. Unfortunately, CREDO Mobile doesn’t sell a ton of Android phones—the only other brand they currently carry is Motorola. If you want more Android options, you may want to explore other carriers.

Top 10 Android Phones Available Right Now

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Prepaid Phones from CREDO Mobile

You have to purchase CREDO Mobile prepaid phones upfront, as opposed to paying on an installment plan. While some of the older models such as the iPhone SE and Motorola Moto X4 are fairly affordable, newer phones typically cost anywhere from $750 to $1,100. For children or older cell phone users that only need basic talk and text, CREDO Mobile does carry one flip phone—the ZTE Cymbal, which costs under $100.

Top 10 Prepaid Phones Available Right Now

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How to Buy a New CREDO Mobile Phone

You can buy a new CREDO Mobile phone outright or through a 24-month payment plan.

Buying it Outright

This option involves paying the full recommended retail price (RRP) upfront for a CREDO Mobile phone. This may be a good choice for someone who doesn’t want a monthly phone payment. That said, today’s flagship devices tend to be very costly, particularly those from brands like Samsung and Apple. For instance, the newest Samsung Galaxy and iPhones cost anywhere from $700 to over $1,000. If you don’t need the newest phone on the market, pre-owned and refurbished options tend to be more affordable.

Payment Plan

Don’t want to pay for your new phone upfront? That’s why CREDO Mobile offers a 24-month installment plan option. You can purchase your new device on this plan and pay it off in 24 monthly installments. There are some things to note about CREDO’s Device Payment Plan, though.

Say you’re browsing CREDO Mobile’s catalog of phones and you find the phone you want. Once you click on it and choose “Device Payment Plan” from the dropdown menu, you will see that the display price is only for new customers. They don’t list what the price would be for someone who already receives service through CREDO Mobile. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you’re switching from a different carrier but it may be confusing for a current customer.

CREDO’s payment plans show new customer pricing only

Additionally, your Device Payment Plan eligibility is contingent upon a credit check, so if you’d like to forgo one it may be in your best interest to purchase a phone upfront if you can swing it. Further, if you decide to leave CREDO Mobile before the two years is up, you are required to pay off the remaining balance on the device. Switching to another carrier towards the end of those 24 months is probably not a big deal, but leaving before one year could result in a large one-time payment. There is also an option to upgrade your phone before the two-year period is up, but CREDO Mobile’s website doesn’t provide many details as to what that agreement may entail or what fees you’ll have to pay.

When you purchase a smartphone through the Device Payment Plan, you will receive a $20 monthly discount on whichever CREDO Mobile service plan you choose. That’s a savings of $480 if you stay for the full 24 months! Keep in mind, though, that CREDO Mobile’s cell phone plans are not the cheapest ones around, so this discount may simply even the playing field. Other Verizon MVNOs like Twigby and Red Pocket offer more affordable service plans. Also, the CREDO Mobile discount no longer applies if you sign a new two-year service agreement following your original contract.

If you decide to leave Credo Mobile before the two years is up, you are required to pay off the remaining balance on the device

Switch to CREDO Mobile & Trade in Your Device

CREDO Mobile does not allow customers to bring their own phones (BYOP) when they switch to CREDO Mobile. Their website help center states however, that this may become an option in the future and to check back for updates. For many people, this can be a hindrance to switching to this small carrier. CREDO Mobile recognizes this inconvenience, which is why they offer up to $350 in account credit to cover your prior carrier’s termination or equipment charges. You simply have to send them your contract buyout form with proof of the charges within six months of enrollment in a CREDO Mobile plan. To qualify, you are required to stay enrolled with CREDO Mobile for at least 30 days.

Moreover, CREDO Mobile will credit your account up to $300 for each phone you trade in—the exact amount you receive depends on the market value of that device, as well as the condition and quality. You can get an estimated trade-in value of your phone so can see your potential savings. Trade-in credit will be applied to your CREDO bill within two months.