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TextNow sells over a dozen phones including older iPhones and Android devices from Motorola, LG, and Samsung. Their selection includes new, used, and refurbished phones at affordable prices, with many under $200.

TextNow has the following payment options when purchasing TextNow phones:

  • Buy it outright
  • 3, 6, or 12-month installment plans (for select devices)

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TextNow iPhones

Unfortunately, TextNow’s iPhone selection is very limited when compared to other MVNO carriers. None of the newest iPhones are offered, but since the ones TextNow does offer are older, they’re also cheaper.

If you’d like a broader selection of affordable iPhone options that are new, used, or refurbished, we’d recommend checking out another MVNO like Ting or Twigby.

Top iPhones available right now (full list of TextNow iPhones here)

 Compare TextNow’s Full Phone List

TextNow Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy S9TextNow sells a small selection of older Android phones, including premium flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 and more mid-range phones like the Moto E4 and LG Tribute Dynasty.

TextNow’s Android phone selection includes the:

  • LG Tribute Dynasty
  • Motorola Moto E4
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

If you’re looking for a bigger selection of Android phones, we recommend looking at Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Ting, or Twigby.

Top Android phones available right now (full list of TextNow Android phones here)

Compare TextNow’s Full Phone List

New, Used, and Refurbished

TextNow sells over a dozen new, used, and refurbished phones. When you buy a TextNow phone and have active service with the carrier, your phone may come with a warranty or guarantee. TextNow offers:

  • 30-day money back guarantee (on all devices)
  • 1-year warranty with all of their new or refurbished devices
  • 60-day warranty on used TextNow phones
  • 90-day warranty on batteries
  • TextNow sends replacements free of charge

It’s very decent of TextNow to offer these perks considering used and refurbished models notoriously can come with scratches, dents, or hardware issues you don’t expect.

Phone Conditions Explained

New: Brand new out of the box.
Refurbished: Inspected and repaired to working condition.
Used: Pre-owned. Possibly traded in or sold while in working condition.

It’s important to note that while some carriers consider all of their used or pre-owned devices as “refurbished,” TextNow refers to them separately. That means a “used” phone from TextNow could have more problems than you expect compared to a refurbished phone that was actually repaired.

However, TextNow also sells their used phones for much cheaper than new or refurbished models, so a second-hand device can be a great bargain.

How to Buy a TextNow Phone

Buying It Outright

You can buy new TextNow phones at full retail prices and heavily discounted rates (usually for used and refurbished models). Buying outright is a good option for their cheaper models, as your wallet won’t take such a big hit all at once.

This method is also more beneficial when compared to TextNow’s second option—a monthly installment plan where you pay interest on top of the cost of your device (more money than the phone is worth).

With the additional interest cost of 10-30%, Affirm installment plans generally are not a Good option.

Third-Party Financing

If you can’t afford to purchase a more expensive phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 in one payment, TextNow offers monthly installment plans (on some of their phones) through the third-party company Affirm. Affirm offers affordable monthly payment plans on eligible TextNow phones for 3, 6, or 12 months with interest rates ranging from 10-30% depending on your credit check.

While Affirm installment plans are useful on a budget, it’s generally not a smart option, especially if your interest rate (based on your credit check) is above 10%. For example, the below table illustrates how much more a Samsung Galaxy S9 would cost with different interest rates and plan installments.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price Comparison Table
(rates are estimated examples)

Samsung Galaxy S9 Purchase Method Interest Rate Installment Length Price/Month Total Payment
TextNow Upfront 0% N/A N/A $432.99 ($792 full RPP)
Affirm 30% 3 months $187.63/month $562.89
Affirm 20% 6 months $86.60/month $519.59
Affirm 10% 12 months $38.28/month $459.36

For MVNOs that offer monthly payment plans with 0% financing instead, we recommend looking at the following:

Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP)

Since TextNow runs on both Sprint and T-Mobile networks, you can BYOP if it’s an unlocked CDMA or GSM phone. In addition, Boost, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile phones are compatible but do not require a new SIM card to activate on TextNow.

For unlocked devices, simply order a FREE TextNow SIM card and purchase a plan to activate with TextNow’s service. You can do this on their website or with the help of customer service.

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