Consumer Cellular has very simple plans and pricing, and are often known as a carrier for elderly or senior consumers. Although some of their devices are crafted specifically with seniors in mind, most Consumer Cellular cell phones are the same ones you can find at other carriers—with iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, Androids, and a few cheap options, you’re bound to find the perfect phone for you.

Consumer Cellular iPhones

Consumer Cellular doesn’t have the widest selection of iPhones, but they do have our top five recommendations, so picking an iPhone from them isn’t a bad idea. You have your choice of any generation from the 6S to the XS Max, XS, and XR.

Consumer Cellular Samsung Galaxy Phones

There about a dozen Consumer Cellular Galaxy phones to choose from, from the Samsung Galaxy J3 to the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy J3 is one of Consumer Cellular’s cheaper phones—If you want a Galaxy device, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, the J3 is a solid choice.

Consumer Cellular Android Phones

Outside of the Samsung Galaxy devices, Consumer Cellular Android phones are slim pickings. Right now they only have a few phones including the Motorola Moto E5 Play/Cruise and the Moto E5 Plus/Supra. Both of these devices are relatively inexpensive and are great options if you’re looking for a cheap Android phone to use with your Consumer Cellular service.

Cheap Consumer Cellular Phones

If you’re not picky about brand and just want a cheap phone that’ll get the job done, Consumer Cellular has a handful of devices under $200. The cheapest phone is the Alcatel GO FLIP phone, the most expensive of the cheap phones is the iPhone 6s.

How to Buy a Consumer Cellular Phone

Consumer Cellular phones are simple enough to buy—you can either buy outright or through an installment plan with their “Easy Pay” program.


Consumer Cellular’s EasyPay program is similar to major carrier installment plans where you can buy your phone through smaller monthly payments (all interest-free) over time. EasyPay requires a small down payment, and then your monthly service bill will have an additional $25 added for the cost of the phone until it’s paid off.
EasyPay is a great option because:

  • There is no interest
  • You can make early payments without any fees
  • You don’t have to pay a large lump sum at the point of purchase

Consumer Cellular has NO activation fees

There are a few things to be aware before you enroll in EasyPay:

  1. Credit approval is required—Just because you apply for EasyPay doesn’t mean you will qualify. If your request is denied, you will have to buy the phone outright.
  2. If you cancel your plan before you’ve paid off your device, the remaining cost of the phone is due.
  3. EasyPay requires automatic payments—If you don’t set up autopay, you won’t qualify for this monthly installment program.

Bring Your Own Phone to Consumer Cellular

If you already have a phone you like and you don’t want to buy another one, you can always switch to Consumer Cellular and bring your own compatible phone.
To get your Consumer Cellular service up and running, insert their FREE SIM card, and start using their service.

Let’s Talk Tip: Most new smartphones are compatible across ALL networks. Original network affiliation doesn’t usually matter anymore as long as your phone is unlocked.