Reach Mobile, a postpaid MVNO that runs on Verizon’s robust network, offers a solid selection of iPhones, Android devices. This includes the Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Note10, as well as devices from Motorola, Razer, and LG. Reach Mobile is a good choice for customers who want their phone plans to give back to those in need—this small carrier uses a portion of its profits to provide wireless service to women and families around the world.

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Reach Mobile Phone Payment Options

Reach Mobile offers the following payment options for its phones:

  • Outright (pay the full retail price at checkout)
  • 6-month installment plan through Affirm
  • 12-month installment plan through Affirm
  • 24-month installment plan through Affirm

Reach Mobile partners with Affirm, a third-party financing company, to provide monthly payment plans for customers. Although monthly payment plans distribute the cost of an expensive device across several months, Affirm charges interest as high as 30% on these phones and sometimes requires a down payment as well.

iPhones from Reach Mobile

Reach Mobile’s iPhone selection is fairly limited, but it does include the latest Apple releases, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, as well as a few older models.

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Android Phones from Reach Mobile

Reach Mobile’s Android catalog is much more expansive than its iPhone selection, with popular smartphones from Samsung, Google, Motorola, Razer, and LG.

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Cheap Phones from Reach Mobile

If you want to save some money and forgo high-interest rates on monthly payments, Reach Mobile carries about a dozen phones that cost under $400 outright, with some as cheap as $150.

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How to Buy a New Phone on Reach Mobile

You can buy a new Reach Mobile device one of two ways:

  • Pay for it outright
  • Monthly payments through Affirm

Buying a Reach Mobile Phone Outright

The simplest way to buy a Reach Mobile phone is to purchase it outright. This means that you pay the device’s full retail price at checkout. All you have to do is select the smartphone you want to buy, add it to your cart, then follow the instructions to complete your purchase. Buying a Reach Mobile phone upfront is the best way to avoid interest, but isn’t always a realistic option for more expensive flagship devices with $1,000+ price tags.

Monthly Installments

It’s no secret that the latest and greatest smartphones can sometimes cost more than your monthly rent or mortgage. That’s why so many carriers offer monthly installment plans, whereby the full cost of your phone is split into affordable monthly payments across a predetermined period of time. In the case of buying from Reach Mobile’s financing partner Affirm, you have the option of choosing a 6-month, 12-month, or 24-month payment plan.

Unfortunately, Affirm charges anywhere from 0% to 30% interest on devices, and they may even require a down payment. This means you’ll wind up paying more than the smartphone’s full retail price by the end of your payment plan. However, if your interest rate is below 10%, this likely won’t be a huge deal if it means being able to purchase the phone you really want. In order to determine your interest rate, you’ll have to check your eligibility online. The process is free and doesn’t affect your credit score so there’s really no reason not to investigate this option.