As of today, Sprint’s best value plan is no longer available for new customers.

The Sprint Unlimited Plan (Free for One Year) allowed new customers free service for one year with unlimited data, talk, and text—a plan that usually costs $60/month. The promotion began in 2017 and was the best inexpensive cell phone plan on the market beating out all major competitors.

Although this hasn’t officially been announced, it’s very likely that Sprint will honor the Free for One Year plan for customers who enrolled in the plan before it was canceled. It’s also not clear if this removal is permanent because Sprint does have a track record of canceling, and then bringing back offers—sometimes doing so multiple times a month.

They have not released a statement regarding the cancelation of their free plan, but are focusing the attention on another customer favorite, the Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan. The Unlimited Kickstart plan gives customers unlimited talk, text, and data for only $25/month, keeping Sprint a strong competitor for the best value unlimited plan. Right now this pricing doesn’t expire, unlike the free plan which expired after one year.

On the Kickstart plan families can add up to five lines making it a competitive offer at only $125/month—smaller carriers like Cricket Wireless and Red Pocket offer 5-line family plans for $125 or lower. So although it’s not free, the Kickstart plan is still a great deal.

Let’s Talk Tip: Sprint’s Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus are cheaper than the Kickstart plan for a 5-line family plan. If you just need four lines, they are all the same price.

While Sprint’s pricing is tempting, their coverage is not the best. Compared to the other three major carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) Sprint has the least amount of coverage. If you live in major cities, or parts of the East coast, and Northeast, Sprint will be solid carrier for you, and their prices will be nearly unbeatable—but before you make the switch, check Sprint coverage in your area.

If you’re a current Sprint customer on the Free plan, get in touch! We want to know if Sprint honors their deal, and what kind of changes (if any) appear on your bill. Tweet us @letstalk