Today, November 5, 2019, Visible has introduced Party Pay, a new way to effortlessly pay your cell phone bill—and save money—alongside your friends and family. Considering the fact that Visible’s unlimited data plan only costs $40, saving money on this plan seems almost too good to be true—and yet, Visible is down to party and wants you to join.

What is Visible Party Pay?

Party Pay is a new payment system offered by Visible, a Verizon-owned MVNO that runs on Verizon’s robust nationwide network. With Party Pay:

  • Groups of two pay $35/month each
  • Groups of three pay $30/month each
  • Groups of four pay $25/month each

Unlike a traditional family plan offered by other carriers, the members of the party are not on the same account and they don’t share the bill or features—each person has their own account and line of service that includes unlimited talk, text, and data, plus mobile hotspot capability. Every individual in the “party” is responsible for paying their own portion.

Visible Party Pay Pros

Visible’s Party Pay is a new approach to multi-line service that helps you save money on your phone plan without locking you into a confusing group contract (read: with your ex or past roommates).

The benefits of signing up for Visible on Party Pay:

  • Save up to $15/month per person
  • Each customer gets their own account and bill
  • No contract—if the party breaks up, your bill returns to $40/month

There’s really no downside to grabbing a few friends or family members and getting them on the Visible phone plan train.

Visible Single-line vs Multi-line

Visible on Your Own Visible with Party Pay
$40/month From $25-$35/month
Unlimited talk, text, & data Unlimited talk, text, & data
Data at uncapped speeds Data at uncapped speeds
Mobile hotspot Mobile hotspot
No hidden fees or annual contracts No hidden fees or annual contracts
Responsible for your own bill Responsible for your own bill

About Visible

Visible is a prepaid carrier owned by Verizon Wireless. As such, Visible runs on Verizon’s excellent nationwide network, which boasts the top coverage in the country. Visible’s one and only cell phone plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data for just $40/month. This is one of the lowest prices on an unlimited plan you can find. Here are some pros associated with signing up for this Visible unlimited plan:

  • Top coverage on Verizon’s network
  • Very affordable plan at $40/month
  • Easy sign-up and set up
  • No credit check