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Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator running on three networks: Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. If you’re looking for a great Android phone with intuitive software and impressive specs, Google Fi definitely has a few great choices, though their range of offerings is a bit limited.

Google Fi phones are capable of switching between three cellular networks based on your coverage area

Google Fi sells several devices designed to give you the best Android experience possible. Fi phones are capable of switching between Fi’s three networks based on your current coverage area. These phones are noted as “Designed for Fi” on their website. Google Fi’s phone offerings are in constant flux, so be sure to keep tabs on their availability.

Google Fi Pixel Phones

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the company’s flagship devices and the latest models to arrive in the Google Fi store. They feature top-rated cameras, intuitive voice command features, and an assortment of machine learning innovations. Since they’re specifically designed for use on Google Fi’s networks, they are perhaps the best options to choose from for compatibility sake.

Pixel 3


Moto phones offer Simpler functionality and features Even your grandparents can handle

Other Google Fi Android Phones

Google also sells Motorola smartphones under the Moto brand. Moto phones typically offer the purest Android experience short of Pixels, with simpler functionality and features even your grandparents can handle. Moto’s most famous innovation is giving users the ability to launch the camera with a shake of the wrist, rather than pressing a button or swiping the screen. Simple features like these make Moto phones very accessible for even the least tech-savvy person.

motorola cell phones

Other features in the most recent Moto phones include:

  • Aluminum and metal designs
  • Great cameras
  • Fast charging
  • Fingerprint readers

Google Fi iPhones


Because Google is a competitor with Apple, Google Fi does not carry iPhones. However, you can bring your own iPhone to the carrier if it’s an unlocked iPhone 5S or newer. Just note that iPhones will not be fully compatible with Google Fi’s network, as the service uses specific frequency bands and features tailored to their three-network system.

This means that instead of using all three networks—T-Mobile’s, U.S. Cellular’s and Sprint’s—your Google Fi plan will only be powered by the T-Mobile network. This isn’t a bad thing. T-Mobile’s network is the strongest of the three by far, so you’ll still get great coverage.

How to Buy a Google Fi Phone

If you’d like to buy a Google Fi phone, you can purchase one online outright or through a monthly payment plan with 0% financing and a Google Fi service plan. Fi also offers trade-in offers and discounts for people who switch carriers. If you’d also like device protection, it starts at $5/month.

Bring Your Own Phone

You can bring your own phone to Google Fi as long as it’s unlocked and compatible. Most newer Android and iPhone devices will work on the network.

Phones that are compatible with Google Fi:

  • Certain Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei models and other Android devices running at least Android 7.
  • Most iPhones running at least iOS 11 (iPhone 5S or newer).

In order to bring your phone to Google Fi, simply sign up on their website and confirm your phone’s compatibility. Fi will then send you a free SIM card to activate your device. You can activate and port your number through Google Fi’s app on Android or iOS.