One of the most talked about phones of 2019 is ready to reserve today, Friday, April 12.

After over 1,000 prototypes, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is almost into the hands of consumers. To reserve it, you need to register here. Once you register, Samsung will send you an email with more information on how and when you can pre-order it on Monday. There are a limited supply of Folds available, so Samsung recommends reserving your phone as soon as possible.

When you reserve your Galaxy Fold, you can choose between AT&T or T-Mobile exclusively. Right now there aren’t any reservations available for Verizon or Sprint customers, though that may change in the future.

T-Mobile also says their customers will be able to buy the Galaxy Fold online on April 25, at 9 p.m. Pacific Time, and in select stores on April 26. One drawback the Galaxy Fold presents is the price: $1,980. Dishing out nearly $2,000 for a cell phone isn’t a decision most people will take lightly, so be prepared for that when you consider buying it in the near future. Other carriers have not published their release dates, but we will update you as soon as that happens.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is touted as “the first of its kind” by many in the industry, including its creator, Samsung. In a press release Samsung discusses the creation of the Fold and the processes behind its unique design, “…the Galaxy Fold is a revolutionary device that will deliver a meaningful experience for consumers. To engineer it, we invented new technologies and materials. To design it, we studied the experience of folding and unfolding.”

The folding and unfolding is what grabbed the world’s attention at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event back in February. With three screens, the Galaxy Fold has the potential to not only be your typical smartphone, but to open up into a 7.3-inch tablet when you combine the internal displays.

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