Verizon rolled out four new unlimited phone plans with all new names. It appears that they named these unlimited plans after the cell phone priorities customers may have:

  • Start Unlimited: Get the basics for an affordable price
  • Play More Unlimited: Best for streaming
  • Do More Unlimited: Best for productivity
  • Get More Unlimited: Jam-packed with features

These four replace the previous plans, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Above Unlimited. Let’s take a look at the new Verizon unlimited plans and what’s changed.

What Did Verizon Change?

Out with the old, and in with the new. Here’s a brief rundown of Verizon’s new unlimited plans, including info about price, features, data deprioritization thresholds, and more.

Verizon Unlimited Plan Prices

Verizon reduced the price of each comparable plan by $5/month with auto-pay. Although not a considerable change, this is good news considering they tend to have the most expensive plans on the market.

Verizon Plan Prices with Auto-Pay

Old Plan New Plan
Go Unlimited $75/month Start Unlimited $70/month
Beyond Unlimited $85/month Play More & Do More $80/month
Above Unlimited $95/month Get More Unlimited $90/month

Go Unlimited vs Start Unlimited

The Start Unlimited plan has replaced the Go Unlimited plan as the cheapest unlimited postpaid plan offered by Verizon. Both plans normally cost $80/month but while the auto-pay discount was only $5/month for the Go Unlimited plan, it is now $10/month for the Start Unlimited plan, making it a cool $70/month.

The only real change is that the Start Unlimited plan no longer includes a mobile hotspot, while the Go Unlimited plan included unlimited hotspot at 600kbps.

Beyond Unlimited vs Play More & Do More Unlimited

The Verizon Beyond Unlimited plan, which previously cost $85/month, has been replaced with two unlimited options:

  • Play More Unlimited: $80/month, 25GB data deprioritization, 15GB mobile hotspot, HD-quality streaming
  • Do More Unlimited: $80/month, 50GB data deprioritization, 15GB mobile hotspot, DVD-quality streaming, 500GB cloud storage

Both of these plans are priced at $80/month with auto-pay. Verizon offers two different options at this price tier, giving you more freedom to choose a plan that best suits your mobile preferences. Some people are all about that high data deprioritization threshold, granting them more guaranteed high-speed data, while others prioritize HD streaming capabilities.

The old plan had a data deprioritization threshold of 22GB, which is relatively low, especially compared to some other carriers like T-Mobile, so that’s a great change. It also didn’t have cloud storage, while the Do More Unlimited now includes 500GB of cloud storage.

Compare Verizon Unlimited Plans

Perk Beyond Unlimited Do More Unlimited Play More Unlimited
Price with Auto-Pay $85/month $80/month $80/month
Mobile Hotspot 15GB 15GB 15GB
Data Deprioritization >22GB >50GB >25GB
Video Streaming HD-quality SD-quality HD-quality
Cloud Storage n/a 500GB n/a

Above Unlimited vs Get More Unlimited

Verizon’s premier plan, $95 Above Unlimited, has been replaced by the Get More Unlimited plan, which costs $90/month with auto-pay. One of the main features that you lose with this change is that the Get More Unlimited plan doesn’t include the five TravelPasses that came with the Above Unlimited plan. This was a great inclusion for anyone who frequently travels outside of North America. A TravelPass costs $10/month, so that can add up quickly when you’re traveling abroad.

Other differences include a higher hotspot allowance (30GB vs. 20GB) and cloud storage (500GB vs. none).

Verizon Just Kids Plan

Verizon’s Just Kids plan, which you can add to your unlimited account at a discounted price, is specifically for kids and teens. It allows parents to monitor phone usage, track location, and keep tabs on who their children are texting and calling. The kids get 5GB of data and the parents get to rest easy knowing their kids are safe. The only change with the new Verizon rollout is that the prices have gone down.

  • $50/month per line for two lines (was previously $55)
  • $40/month per line for three lines (was previously $45)
  • $35/month per line for four lines (was previously $35)

Oldies but Goodies

No need to worry—many of Verizon’s solid plan features are still available, including:

  • Mexico and Canada: Unlimited talk and text, as well as .5GB/day of 4G LTE data
  • Free Apple Music (limited to a 6-month subscription with Play More and Get More Unlimited plans)
  • Verizon Up rewards program: Receive one credit every month after you pay your wireless bill. One credit=one reward of your choice
  • TravelPass add-on: $10/day for talk, text, and .5GB/day of 4G LTE data in more than 185 countries
  • Senior and military discounts

Current Verizon Customers

If you’re an existing Verizon customer, you have the choice of either continuing on your current grandfathered plan or switching to a new Verizon unlimited plan. You can do this by logging into your My Verizon account or by contacting Verizon directly.

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