What are Family Plans? Verizon Prepaid Family Plans Verizon Postpaid Family Plans Other Verizon Family Plans Which Verizon Family Plan Should You Get?

Verizon is king of the “Big Four” carriers beating out T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint for the most nationwide coverage. When it comes to family plans, Verizon also has the most options with shared plans, prepaid plans, and postpaid plans. As you’re looking for Verizon family plans, keep in mind they are one of the most expensive carriers on the market, but with 71% coast-to-coast coverage, the cost is probably worth it if you have the cash to spare. This guide will walk you through the different Verizon family plans, and find the best one for your lifestyle.

All Verizon Family Plans

What You Get With Verizon Family Plans:

  • Discounts on extra lines of service
  • Unlimited domestic talk and text
  • Carryover unused data to the next month
  • Unlimited international messaging
  • Six months of Apple Music free (with qualifying plans)

What are Family Plans and Why Should You Get One?

Verizon family plans allow you to have multiple lines on one account making it easier to organize and pay monthly bills. Verizon also discounts these plans, so the main benefit is they’re less expensive than getting separate individual plans.

You can save over $100 each month with Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited family plan

For instance, if the Verizon Start Unlimited Plan costs $70/month for one line, four individuals accounts would cost an unbelievable $280/month. With the family Start Unlimited Plan, you’d be paying just $140/month for all four lines, cutting the cost of your bill in half!

Verizon Prepaid Family Plans

With prepaid plans, you pay for your service before you use it. Verizon’s only prepaid family plan lets you customize the amount of data each line gets, ranging from no data to unlimited data. In general, prepaid paid plans aren’t any better than postpaid plans; however, this prepaid plan allows you to only pay for what you use and could decrease your monthly wireless bill significantly. For example, if two people want unlimited data and two others want 3GB of data, you can make it happen.

Verizon Postpaid Family Plans

If you’re in the Military, your family can save up to $40 a month with 3 or more lines on Unlimited plans—giving you more service for your money.

You have more postpaid options with Verizon Wireless plans than their competitors, giving you plenty of ways to save on America’s most comprehensive network.

These postpaid Verizon wireless plans let your family mix and match with unlimited plans. Each line can choose a different unlimited plan with different features. Some unlimited plans include varying amounts of hotspot data, international traveling allowances, enhanced streaming quality and content streaming accounts. Plus, if you choose one unlimited plan and realize you actually want a different one, it’s super easy to change your Verizon plan online.

If you don’t want to mix and match the unlimited data plans, you can always choose one plan for everyone

If unlimited data seems excessive for your family, you can choose a Verizon Family Plan that has shared data and unlimited talk and text. With differing amounts of data to choose from, these plans are great for those who don’t surf the internet or use data to stream content very often.

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Let’s Talk Tip: Keep in mind that one person could use up all your family data since it is shared—so this plan isn’t for some families, especially those who have one person that uses a lot of data.

Family Plans on Verizon’s Network

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are smaller carriers that operate on one or more of the Big Four networks. They have the same coverage but generally offer lower prices and different plan options than the main carriers. There aren’t many MVNOs on Verizon’s network that provides family plans, but the plans that are available are much cheaper and will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Let’s Talk Take: Which Verizon Family Plan Should You Get?

Because all Verizon family plans offer unlimited talk and text, the family plan you should get depends on your budget and data usage.

  • The prepaid Family Plan is perfect for families who have a wide range of data-users in their family. With the ability to choose varying amounts of data (up to unlimited) you won’t be overpaying for the data you don’t use.
  • For families that are constantly streaming or surfing the internet, the postpaid Mix and Match Unlimited Family Plan is for you. Everyone will get unlimited everything, and premium plans can go to whoever needs them, saving you money and keeping everyone happy.
  • If your family doesn’t use data very often, you will get by just fine with a shared data plan. With multiple data packages, you can pick the perfect amount for your family and avoid overpaying for family members who don’t need as much as others.