5G carrier networks are on their way to a city near you, but 5G-ready phones are far and few between. The “big four” carriers, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, all have 5G cellular network infrastructure available in select cities, but not all of them have 5G phones. Obviously, without a compatible 5G phone, you can’t enjoy the awesome data speeds offered by 5G networks. Read on to learn about upcoming 5G phones and which ones you can get your hands on now.

Current and Expected 5G Phones Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Motorola Moto z3 LG V50 ThinQ 5G OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Other Expected 5G Phones


Verizon Wireless is currently the only carrier with two 5G phones available for purchase on their 5G network known as “5G Ultra Wideband.”

Current and Expected 5G Phones in the U.S.

Brand Phone Price U.S. Release Date Where to Buy
LG V50 ThinQ 5G $1,152 May 31, 2019 Sprint and LG
Motorola moto z3 +
5G moto mod
$480 + $199.99 Available now Verizon, Motorola, Amazon, and other online retailers.
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Est. $849-1,049 Fall 2019 TBD
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G $1,299/$1,399 May 16, 2019 Verizon, T-Mobile, Samsung


What 5G Phones are Available or Coming Soon?

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Price and where to buy: You can purchase the 256GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G for $1,299.99, and the 512GB model of the S10 5G for $1,399 from Verizon, T-Mobile and Samsung.

5G plan required: To use Verizon’s 5G network (it’s called “5G Ultra Wideband,”) you’ll need to be on Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited plan (starting at $85/month) and pay an additional $10/month 5G access fee. However, Verizon is currently waiving this fee for early 5G adopters.

If you buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G from T-Mobile, you won’t need to pay any extra in order to access the 5G network, but you do need to be in a 5G-ready city.

Who should buy?: Anyone who wants the best 5G phone available in the U.S. Find the best Verizon and T-Mobile deals.Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Features

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is Samsung’s first 5G phone and it packs loads of high-end specs into a large body. This includes:

  • 6.7-inch Infinity-O screen—the most vibrant in a Galaxy phone yet
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • 5G Modem that allows you to access speeds 10-20 times faster than 4G LTE
  • 4,500mAh battery to handle 5G needs
  • In-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader
  • 6 cameras
  • 256GB or 512GB storage
  • 8GB memory
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Fast charging and stackable charging

Motorola Moto z3 with 5G Moto Mod

Moto Z3 Front and BackPrice and where to buy: You can get both the moto z3 ($480) and 5G moto mod ($199.99) at Verizon and Motorola for a combined $679.99. That’s a decent deal, as it’s one of only three 5G phones available in the U.S., and costs far less than the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. You can also purchase the moto z3 through online retailers like Amazon.

5G plan required: As with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, to use the Motorola moto z3 with 5G mod on Verizon, you’ll be required to sign up for Above Unlimited or Beyond Unlimited and pay a $10/month access fee.

Who should buy?: Anyone who wants to dip their toes into 5G tech without spending over $700. Look for deals at Verizon.

Motorola moto z3 with 5G Moto Mod Features

The moto z3 is Motorola’s first 5G smartphone and the first available for use in the U.S with Verizon Wireless. To gain 5G functionality, you have to purchase a modular attachment, known as a “moto mod,” and snap it onto the back of the device.

Motorola’s 5G moto mod has all of the compatible 5G hardware needed for use with Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. It also has a built-in battery for extra juice when using 5G data, which can require more energy.

The 5G moto mod includes the following:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • X50 modem for 5G compatibility
  • 2,000mAh battery
  • 5G mobile hotspot capability

A notable benefit of using the moto z3 and 5G moto mod together is the ability to broadcast a blazing-fast 5G mobile hotspot for you and your friends. In addition, you can attach the 5G moto mod to the z3 at any time. That’s preferable, as you won’t have to add bulk to your phone (the moto mod on the back) unless you’re within range of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network.

There is a plethora of other moto mods available, each with a different function, such as better camera features, extended battery life, or even improved speakers.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G and Dual Screen

Price and where to buy: You can order an LG V50 ThinQ 5G (also called LG V50 ThinQ) for $1,152 from Sprint and LG. The phone launched on May 31, 2019. The Sprint 5G network is now available in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Kansas City with other cities coming this summer. Other carriers will follow later in 2019. LG’s Dual Screen is not currently for sale.

5G plan required: Sprint’s $70-80/month Unlimited Premium service plan.

Who should buy?: With the additional Dual Screen accessory, the LG V50 ThinQ 5G is perfect for HD video streamers and smartphone gamers on-the-go. Look for Sprint deals here.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G and Dual Screen Features

Sprint is the first carrier to sell the LG V50 ThinQ 5G in 2019. Included with the device are some standout specs, including:

  • 7-inch P-OLED display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • X50 modem for 5G compatibility
  • Large 4,000mAh battery to handle 5G data needs
  • 128GB storage
  • 6GB memory
  • Fast charging
  • Surround sound

Like the moto z3, there is a unique add-on available with the V50 ThinQ 5G. LG’s new accessory, known as the Dual Screen, is a secondary touchscreen you can attach to the LG V50 ThinQ 5G for added functionality in gaming, web browsing, and general smartphone use. The usefulness of this add-on is still up for debate, but it should help LG compete with other phones featuring “foldable” screens.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

OnePlus7 ProPrice and where to buy: No release date confirmed. Based on OnePlus 7 prices, we’re estimating a price between $850-1,050 and a release on T-Mobile and AT&T GSM networks first this fall.

5G plan required: Unknown.

Who should buy?: Anyone who wants a 5G phone with the best hardware specs, a very large screen, and incredible cameras.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Features

OnePlus announced its new lineup this spring, including a 5G phone called the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. Full details are still being unveiled for a U.S. model, but if it’s anything like the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G in Europe (to be released May 30), this 5G variant will come with the following specifications:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • X50 5G modem
  • 67-inch AMOLED screen
  • No screen “notch”
  • 16MP pop-up selfie Sony camera
  • 3 rear cameras
  • Liquid cooling system
  • All-day 4,000mAh battery
  • 8GB of memory
  • 256GB of storage
  • 30W Warp Charging

Other Upcoming 5G Phones

There’s a long list of 5G devices that may eventually come to the U.S., but many of their details are still a complete mystery. We’ve put together a chart of 5G smartphones that are likely coming next. Like many of you, we’re most excited for what Apple is going to dream up in 2020. Keep in mind, some of these phones will debut in Europe, China, or elsewhere and may never arrive at U.S. carriers.

Future 5G Phones and Estimated Prices and Release Dates

Brand Phone Network Price Estimate U.S. Release Date
Alcatel 7 5G TBD $700 Fall 2019
Apple iPhone 5G TBD TBD 2020
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G TBD $849-1,049 TBD
Oppo Reno 5G TBD $1,000 TBD
Nokia Unknown TBD TBD February 2020
Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G TBD $2,200 TBD
Sony Xperia 5G TBD $1,500 2020
Vivo Vivo 5G TBD TBD TBD
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G TBD $679 TBD
ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G TBD TBD Summer 2019

Note: In light of the current U.S./China espionage scandal regarding Huawei phones, it’s likely some Chinese companies will not be selling their 5G phones stateside. We did not include Huawei devices in this table.