As of October 20, 2019, Cricket Wireless is no longer offering the $25 Talk and Text plan. While it will be missed by customers who don’t need data to go along with their talk and text, Cricket offers a host of other low data plans that are great values.

We’re unsure why Cricket have removed this plan as they are yet to release a statement.

To Mourn or Not to Mourn?

Considering all of the cheap and feature-packed talk and text plans on the market today, there’s no reason to mourn the loss of Cricket Wireless’ $25 Talk and Text plan. A price tag of $25/month is pretty steep for only calls and texts—there are limited data plans out there for less. If getting a talk and text only plan on a budget is your priority, there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Some of them even include international benefits, which Cricket’s $25 Talk and Text plan did not.

Other Talk and Text Plans from Cricket

Cricket Wireless sells several affordable limited data plans, such as the 2GB, 5GB, and 8GB plans. One of the benefits of choosing Cricket Wireless is great coverage, since the MVNO is owned by AT&T and runs on its robust 4G LTE network. Not to mention, Cricket’s plans feature all-in pricing, meaning taxes and fees are already included.

Current Cricket Wireless Plans

Below are the current plans offered by Cricket Wireless. Cricket Wireless plans are budget-friendly and give you access to AT&T’s excellent network. Cricket has 5,000 stores nationwide, and is a good choice for those who prefer face-to-face customer service. Several Cricket Wireless plans include Mexico and Canada privileges as well.

Talk and Text Plans from Competitors

Although Cricket Wireless’ main competitors—MVNOs like Metro by T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile—don’t offer talk and text only plans, some other MVNOs do. This Tello plan includes unlimited talk and text and costs $8/month without any data allowance. Tello gives you flexibility by allowing you to build your own plans, so if you ever decide you want some data, you can update your plan any time.

Gen Mobile sells a $9/month, no-data plan that includes unlimited calls and messaging. As with Tello, you can add on data at any time.

You can get a talk and text plan from Twigby for $9.75/month, which includes unlimited messages (both domestically and internationally) and calls. All Twigby plans include calls to Mexico, Canada, and China free of charge.

For $10/month, you can sign up for Good2Go Mobile’s talk and text only plan, which includes unlimited messages and calls.

US Mobile offers this unlimited talk and text plan for $12/month:

Want to do more research? You can also find no-data, talk and text only plans through Republic Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Total Wireless, and U.S. Cellular.