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Sprint is Now T-Mobile

Following the successful merger of the two cell phone carriers, customers can no longer switch to Sprint. Instead, you will be directed to switch to a T-Mobile plan.

If you want to switch to Sprint you’re in luck because it’s easier than ever to do. Contracts are nearly a thing of the past, and good deals are around every corner. However, if you decide to bring your own phone (BYOP) when you move to Sprint, there are a few hoops to jump through. Read on for more.

Check Your Phone’s Compatibility Unlock Your Phone Sprint Cell Phone Plans
Sprint Coverage Map Sprint Pros and Cons

Steps to Switch to Sprint and BYOP

  • Make sure your phone can be used on Sprint’s network by checking your phone’s IMEI.
  • Check your current plan and see if there are stipulations that wouldn’t allow you to switch to Sprint.
  • Make sure your phone is paid off, then call your carrier to unlock it.
  • Check Sprint coverage in your area.
  • Research and compare the best Sprint Plans for you using the Let’s Talk search engine.
  • Order a SIM kit online from Sprint
  • Activate your plan.
  • Sprint will cancel your current plan and port your number for you.

Let’s Talk Tip: Before you activate, don’t cancel your current cell phone plan. That could delete your current cell phone number, and you’ll have to start from scratch with a new one from Sprint. Sprint will take care of canceling your previous account and transferring (also called porting) your number to your new plan.

Is Your Phone Compatible?

If you want to switch to Sprint and BYOP, you have to make sure it’s compatible first. Some network-bought phones don’t mesh with other networks, and that could be a roadblock. To check compatibility, type your IMEI into the Sprint IMEI database. Sprint will then tell you if your IMEI can work on their network.

Newer phones are generally compatible across all carriers, but older AT&T and T-Mobile phones may be trickier to move to Sprint

Switch from AT&T and T-Mobile to Sprint

Taking AT&T or T-Mobile phones to Sprint can be tricky because the Sprint network runs on a type of technology that doesn’t jive with AT&T or T-Mobile devices. If you have an older phone, it’s possible you’ll have to purchase a new phone from Sprint. Newer phone models, though, tend to transfer between networks without issue.

Switch from Verizon to Sprint

If You’re looking to take your Verizon phone to Sprint, you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Sprint and Verizon use the same type of technology for their networks, making transferring especially easy.

Each carrier has their own device unlocking policy. Some carriers require that you have an active account with them for a minimum period before they will unlock your phone.

Check your carrier’s phone unlocking policy first before signing up for a new phone plan.

Unlocking Your Phone

If your phone still has payments left on it, you’ll likely have a problem getting your phone unlocked by your carrier. This poses a problem since you need your phone unlocked so you can use it with a Sprint SIM card. In addition, some carriers have additional requirements before they will unlock your phone.

If you meet all of the device unlocking eligibility requirements, contact your current carrier and ask to have your phone unlocked.

Cell Phone Plans

Need help finding the best Sprint plan for you? Although the carrier no longer offers prepaid plans, they have a variety of postpaid plans that you can bring your phone to.

Sprint Cell Phone Plans


You can get Sprint’s coverage on a cheaper plan by choosing a Sprint MVNO

It’s important to remember that although Sprint does have some great inexpensive plans, there are more than a dozen other carriers (known as MVNOs) that operate on Sprint’s network. Check out the many Sprint MVNO plans below. To compare all of the plans, use the Let’s Talk search engine. Sprint Cell Phone Plans Best Sprint Family Plans Sprint Phone Deals

MVNO Cell Phone Plans

Sprint Coverage Map

Although Sprint’s coverage breadth in the United States is smaller than AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile’s, that doesn’t mean the coverage in your area isn’t great.

Below is a coverage map of all the major carriers. You can toggle between the four maps to see how well each network covers your specific area.

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Sprint Pros and Cons

Let’s Talk Pros

    • Generally cheaper than other networks


  • Discounts for senior citizens (55+)



  • Discounts for military personnel



  • Perks like Hulu on unlimited plans




Let’s Talk Cons

    • Sprint network offers the weakest coverage of the big four


  • Offers only postpaid plans, not prepaid



  • Doesn’t have a great customer service rating