If you’re looking to bring your own phone (BYOP) to AT&T, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through exactly how to switch to AT&T. Plus, we’ll show you some of the best plans from the carrier.

Check Your Phone’s Compatibility Unlock Your Phone Transfer Your Number
Compare AT&T’s Coverage Compare Cell Phone Plans

Steps to Switch to AT&T

  1. Make sure your phone can be used on AT&T’s network by checking your phone’s IMEI.
  2. Check your current plan and see if there are stipulations that would keep you from moving to AT&T.
  3. Make sure your phone is paid off, then call your carrier to unlock it.
  4. Check AT&T’s coverage in your area.
  5. Research and compare the best AT&T Plans for you using the Let’s Talk search engine.
  6. Get a SIM card from AT&T.
  7. Activate your plan and port your number.
  8. AT&T will cancel your current plan for you.

Phone Compatibility with AT&T

Although most newer cell phones are now compatible across carriers, you may have some difficulty with bringing older phones over to AT&T.

Switch to AT&T From Verizon

verizon logoMoving to AT&T from Verizon is a tricky one. The two companies use two different types of networks: AT&T runs on GSM while Verizon runs on CDMA. This means older Verizon phones may be incompatible with the AT&T network. However, newer phones are most likely compatible; for example, the iPhone 5S or newer is likely good to go.

Switch to AT&T From Sprint

sprint logo

Moving from Sprint to AT&T is similar to moving from Verizon to AT&T since Sprint also runs on a CDMA network. AT&T does say on their site that most Sprint phones are compatible with their network, but can’t make any promises.

Switch To AT&T from T-Mobile

t-mobile logoTaking your T-Mobile phone to AT&T is simple. T-Mobile and AT&T both run on the GSM network, so phones should transfer over just fine. Still, you’ll need to make sure your phone is fully paid off on T-Mobile. If you still have payments left, T-Mobile won’t unlock your phone and let you transfer.

Double Check Phone Compatibility

If you’re not sure if your phone is compatible with AT&T, don’t worry. AT&T has made it super easy to check, and all you need is your phone’s identification number or IMEI. Simply go on AT&T’s website and type in your device serial number. The carrier’s phone compatibility checker will tell you straight away if your phone is compatible or not. If it is, all you’ll need to do is order a free SIM to get started.

Make Sure Your Phone is Unlocked

Regardless of which network you’re moving from, you will need to request an unlock from your carrier. You can unlock your phone by calling your current carrier. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to unlock your phone unless it is fully paid off and you meet any other phone unlocking requirements.

Some carriers require that you have an account with them for a certain period of time before they will unlock your phone

Usually, if you don’t owe anything on your phone, you’ll be able to get your phone unlocked. However, some carriers have other requirements you have to meet before they will unlock your phone. For example, Boost Mobile requires that you have an active phone number with them for at least 12 months before they will unlock your phone.

Double check your carrier’s device unlocking policy before signing up for a new AT&T phone plan.

Transfer Your Phone Number

IMPORTANT: Do not cancel your current cell phone account before the porting process is complete or you may lose your phone number.

Porting your current number to a new network is generally hassle-free, but it may take some time. AT&T says porting a number can take 5-7 business days, so plan accordingly when you make the switch.

To make sure AT&T can transfer your number, check their website and type in your 10 digit number. If your number is eligible, AT&T will do the heavy lifting and do the transferring for you. They will even cancel your current service for you.

How Does AT&T’s Coverage Compare?

At this point, you’re probably certain that transferring to the AT&T network is what you want to do. But just to be sure, compare the carrier’s coverage to the likes of Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. You can toggle between the four major carriers and see what coverage is like in your state and area. AT&T offers great coverage throughout the United States, though they trail perennial king Verizon by a significant margin.

AT&T Coverage by State

State Percentage Covered Mile Covered (mi²)
Alaska 11.3% 66,986 mi²
Alabama 98.73% 51,101 mi²
Arkansas 99.15% 52,790 mi²
Arizona 59.41% 67,962 mi²
California 76.08% 120,516 mi²
Colorado 79.31% 82,700 mi²
Connecticut 99.98% 5,031 mi²
Delaware 99.99% 2,075 mi²
Florida 99.04% 58,118 mi²
Georgia 99.75% 58,118 mi²
Hawaii 93.48% 6,390 mi²
Iowa 90.86% 51,262 mi²
Idaho 65.72% 54,535 mi²
Illinois 99.74% 56,198 mi²
Indiana 99.99% 36,218 mi²
Kansas 99.84% 82,156 mi²
Kentucky 99.46% 40,177 mi²
Louisiana 98.91% 46,227 mi²
Massachusetts 99.86% 8,337 mi²
Maryland 98.41% 10,739 mi²
Maine 46.58% 15,563 mi²
Michigan 97.57% 58,180 mi²
Minnesota 97.36% 82,276 mi²
Missouri 98.02% 68,257 mi²
Mississippi 98.01% 46,743 mi²
Montana 68.40% 100,808 mi²
North Carolina 93.48% 47,301 mi²
North Dakota 97.42% 68,102 mi²
Nebraska 72.59% 56,546 mi²
New Hampshire 97.96% 9,457 mi²
New Jersey 99.99% 7,731 mi²
New Mexico 80.61% 96,757 mi²
Nevada 51.42% 57,263 mi²
New York 95.33% 46,680 mi²
Ohio 99.89% 41,297 mi²
Oklahoma 96.66% 67,556 mi²
Oregon 69.54% 67,605 mi²
Pennsylvania 95.39% 43,222 mi²
Rhode Island 99.95% 1,178 mi²
South Carolina 98.98% 30,900 mi²
South Dakota 99.09% 76,202 mi²
Tennessee 94% 39,583 mi²
Texas 96.61% 257,778 mi²
Utah 83.35% 69,010 mi²
Virginia 90.20% 36,811 mi²
Vermont 99.14% 9,534 mi²
Washington 79.33% 54,290 mi²
Wisconsin 91.45% 50,743 mi²
West Virginia 92.61% 22,426 mi²
Wyoming 54.63% 53,169 mi²


Compare AT&T Cell Phone Plans

There are many AT&T plans to choose from including family plans, military plans, and individual plans. When you switch to AT&T and BYOP, your monthly bill will be cheaper because you won’t be paying for a new device with monthly installments and AT&T often has deals and other discounts for those who switch over to them.

The Most Popular AT&T Plans

Although AT&T is a household brand name, there are dozens of other carriers (known as MVNOs) that operate on the AT&T network and offer the same coverage (usually for a cheaper price).

Enjoy the same great AT&T coverage but on a cheaper plan by choosing a smaller carrier (MVNO)

You can decide which AT&T MVNO or AT&T plan is best for you by using the Let’s Talk comparison engine. There you can customize the perfect plan for you, and compare a multitude of plans that fit your needs.

Best AT&T Plans Best AT&T Phone Deals Best AT&T Family Plans

MVNO Cell Phone Plans

Switch to Another Network

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