The carrier with a mission to do right by its customers, Reach Mobile, has today improved its cell phone plans, offering cheaper monthly costs and more data.

Reach Mobile’s new plan pricing

All of Reach Mobile’s plans have changed in one way or another, with either a new monthly cost, more data, or both.

  • Basic plan: $30/month for 3GB of data ($5/month cheaper)
  • Moderate plan: $45/month for 8GB of data (3GB extra)
  • People’s Choice plan: $55/month for 12GB of data ($5/month cheaper + 2GB extra)
  • All-in Unlimited plan: $65/month for 20GB of high-speed data ($5/month cheaper)

Existing Reach Mobile customers

If you’re already a Reach Mobile customer, you’ll automatically enjoy the new plan pricing and additional data. You don’t need to do anything, simply continue to use your Reach Mobile plan as you would. The new data amounts and pricing structure will automatically be reflected in your next bill.

How other carriers compare

Reach Mobile’s plans, although discounted, still aren’t the cheapest available today, with carriers like Mint Mobile, Twigby, and Good2Go offering comparable plans at a lower price. However, Reach Mobile does have some benefits that make its plans a solid choice for some.
First, some carriers, such as Mint Mobile and Twigby, require multi-month payments, which may be difficult to manage. Reach Mobile’s pricing is month-to-month, which means, you don’t have to pay for 3 or 6 months in advance, making payments easier to manage.

Secondly, Reach Mobile runs on Verizon’s vast network, offering solid coverage throughout most of the U.S. Solid coverage is hard to compete with, especially if you travel often, or live in an area where good reception is hard to come by from other carriers like T-Mobile or AT&T.

Reach Mobile is also a great option if you’re not exactly consistent with your data use each month. For example, if you use 10GB of data one month, but only 3GB the next month, Reach Mobile may help you save money. On a Reach Mobile plan, the carrier will automatically adjust your bill depending on how much data you use. Using the example above, if you use 10GB one month, you’ll be charged $55 that month for the 12GB People’s Choice plan. The following month, you’ll only be charged $30 for the Basic 30GB plan since you only used 3GB.

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