Reach Mobile is a postpaid MVNO that operates on Verizon’s robust 4G network, which means you’ll receive great coverage. When you sign up for a Reach Mobile plan, you enable free mobile service for women-in-need around the world, and the carrier’s Gigs that Give program provides the wireless recipients with ongoing training. Signing up for a Reach Mobile plan is easy—you can do it online and then use the mobile app to activate your SIM.

This article details the various phone plans offered by Reach Mobile. Don’t know where to begin? You can always check out our Let’s Talk Editor’s Pick.

Postpaid Plans for Reach Mobile

Unlike most MVNOs that offer prepaid plans, Reach Mobile only sells postpaid plans. With postpaid plans, you pay for your service after you’ve received it. Reach Mobile has four different phone plans to choose from, all of which include unlimited talk and text.

Limited Data Plans

There are three limited data Reach Mobile plans that include unlimited talk and text, hotspot capability, and varying data allowances:

  • The $35 Basic Plan: 3GB of data
  • The $45 Moderate Plan: 5GB of data
  • The $60 People’s Choice Plan: 10GB of data

These plans are a bit expensive considering there are other Verizon MVNOs with unlimited data for similar prices (Visible offers an unlimited data plan for just $40/month, and Total Wireless’ unlimited data plan costs $47.50/month.). That said, Reach Mobile has a Best Fit program that ensures that you don’t overpay for a phone plan—it achieves this by only charging you for the plan you actually use that month. For example, if you sign up for the 5GB plan but only use 2.5GB, then you will be charged for the 3GB plan that month. This program can be particularly helpful for wireless customers who aren’t super dependent on their phones and want to save some money while still making a meaningful impact on others.

Unlimited Data Plans

Reach Mobile offers one unlimited data plan for $75/month. The plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited data
  • Hotspot capability

Again, this is an expensive plan for an MVNO, considering its price is comparable to plans offered by its parent network, Verizon, as well as other major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Also, Reach Mobile plans don’t offer any of the features that are included in competitors’ unlimited plans, such as international perks or hotspot allowances. However, your service is backed by the top network in the country.

Let’s Talk Editor’s Pick

Reach Mobile’s plans are fairly expensive for what you get, but if you’re a low data user, we think the 5GB Moderate Plan is a solid choice. It costs $45/month and you get the benefits of Verizon’s top coverage.

Reach Mobile Family Plans

All of Reach Mobile’s plans are offered as family plans as well. Wireless customers can add up to four lines on the plan of their choosing. Reach Mobile family plans are an excellent way to save money on your phone plan—each line only costs an additional $20 on a limited data plan.

Plan 1-Line Cost 2-Line Cost 3-Line Cost 4-Line Cost
The Basic 3GB $35 $55 $75 $95
The Moderate 5GB $45 $65 $85 $105
The People’s choice 10GB $60 $80 $100 $120
The All-in Unlimited $75 $140 $195 $240

You can save up to $120/month or $1,440/year on a four-line Reach Mobile plan. Of course, everyone on the line will have to share the data allowance, so it’s best for families with low data needs.

Pros and Cons of Reach Mobile

Pros Cons
Excellent coverage on Verizon’s network No phones for purchase
No credit check No Mexico or Canada privileges
Unlimited talk and text with all plans Somewhat expensive plans
Mobile hotspot included with all plans
Easy sign-up