Best cell phone deals as of August 24, 2021

Gift yourself or your family the latest tech at a fraction of the price! This week, get up to $700 off the iPhone 12  through Verizon with your trade-in, plus another $300 on an eGift card. Galaxy fans can save up to $700 on the latest Samsung Galaxy 21 through AT&T, Looking to save big on a new unlimited plan? Get 4 lines of unlimited for just $25 each from Visible.

This week’s best cell phone deals

  • Trade in your old phone for up to $1,200 off a new iPhone 12 from Verizon
  • Get an iPhone 11 for $5/month through AT&T
  • Save up to $1,300 on the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series through Verizon
  • Get a $500 service credit when you trade in an eligible Google Pixel to Google Fi
  • Pay just $100/month for Visible‘s 4-line unlimited family plan
  • Get four lines on Mint Mobile‘s mix-and-match plan for $60/month

The best cell phone deals: iPhones

  • From Verizon: Get the iPhone SE (2020) for FREE with a new line and an eligible unlimited plan
  • From AT&T: get an iPhone 11 for $10/month when you add a new line or upgrade to an unlimited plan
  • From Verizon: Switch and get the iPhone XR for free when you port in your number—no trade required
  • From Verizon: Get the iPhone 12 for free when trade in—save up to $700 for existing customers or up to $1,200 for new customers when you switch
  • From T-Mobile: Save $830 when you purchase an iPhone 12 series phone and trade in an eligible device

Check out all of the best iPhone deals on offer this week from all of your favorite carriers. Whether you’re looking to buy an iPhone outright or you’d prefer to pay monthly installments, there’s a great cell phone deal out there for you.

Best Samsung Galaxy deals

Check out all of our favorite Samsung Galaxy deals this week from carriers, big and small. We’ve reviewed limited-time deals including buy one, get one free offers, trade-in discounts, and new customer offers, and narrowed them down—we’ve done the hard work for you.

Best Google Pixel deals

  • From US Cellular: Get a free Google Pixel 5 when you activate a new account on a qualifying postpaid plan and purchase your phone on monthly payments

If you’re looking for a new Google Pixel phone, check out the latest deals on all models before you go and pay full price. There aren’t usually as many deals available for the Pixels compared to iPhones and Galaxy phones, but discounts are still out there.

Top 3 best LG deals

  • From Metro by T-Mobile: Get an LG Stylo 6 for free when you switch and port your number to Metro
  • From Boost Mobile: Get a free LG K51 when you activate a new line on an eligible plan and port in your number

Best cell phone deals for families

Whether you’re a 2-person household or 4-person household, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by signing up for a family plan. Carriers like Verizon and AT&T offer huge discounts when you add additional lines to your plan.

Additionally, carriers often offer buy one, get one free discounts on the latest phones, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. These BOGO deals require that you have a multi-line family plan to qualify.

How we pick the best cell phone deals

Each week our cell phone experts scour the web for the best cell phone deals from various carriers. Some of the key things we look for include:

  • Total value
  • Eligibility
  • Fine print

Total value

One of the most important things when it comes to finding the best cell phone deal is the total value or total savings you’ll be making. For example, $100 off a new phone may seem great compared to a $5/month discount, but if the $5/month discount is from AT&T, you’ll be paying for the phone for 30 months, which means your total discount is actually $150 total.


Sometimes you’ll notice that we don’t choose some buy one, get one free deals as our favorites. This is because more often than not, these deals require that you add an additional line to your cell phone account. This is great for those who have someone they’re willing to add, but for those of us who only need one line, you won’t be eligible for this deal.

Deals that are offered to both existing and new customers will usually make it higher up on our list as most carrier deals aren’t offered to existing customers.

Fine print

A lot of cell phone deals aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. We analyze the fine print and only pick the deals that don’t come with a lot of additional clauses. For example, if a trade-in offer seems great, but there are only a handful of trade-in phones that are accepted, we won’t choose that as our number one deal.