Twigby, an MVNO that operates on Sprint’s and Verizon’s networks, offers affordable and flexible prepaid phone plans. When we say affordable, we mean many options under $30/month! One of the major pros of signing up with Twigby is the ability to customize your cell phone plan according to your exact talk, text, and data preferences.

Now they’ve stepped up their international perk game by adding more than 15 countries to their list of international calling destinations. Previously, Twigby customers could only call China, Mexico, and Canada at no additional cost.

Their plans now come with free calling to the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Thailand
  • Sweden
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Norway
  • Marianna Islands
  • Malaysia
  • Ireland
  • India
  • Iceland
  • Hong Kong
  • Denmark
  • Colombia
  • Bermuda
  • Australia

When building your own personalized Twigby plan, you first select the number of minutes you’d like—300, 500, or unlimited. You can then use these minutes to make any calls to the U.S. and the international destinations listed above.

It’s important to keep in mind that Twigby only allows you to call these foreign countries from the U.S. If you want calling and texting capabilities while traveling abroad, you may want to consider one of the major carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

Additional International Benefits

Twigby offers pretty decent international perks given the low price tags of their cell phone plans.

No matter which Twigby plan you choose, you get Unlimited Global Texting free of charge, allowing you to send texts to over 180 countries. With these international texting and calling benefits, it’s easy to stay in touch with loved ones abroad.

Let’s Talk Tip: One catch is that you can’t text or call while you’re in the listed international destinations. Make sure that you’re in the U.S. before texting or calling abroad.

Before attempting to text someone in another country, you’ll want to check the full list of international destinations included with Unlimited Global Texting.

Twigby International Perks Vs Other Carriers

All of Twigby’s phone plans come with unlimited domestic and international texting. Unfortunately, Twigby doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan—the most they offer is 10GB/month. Plans range from a mere $9/month (for no data) to $43/month for unlimited talk and 10GB of data.

Many other MVNOs, or small carriers, offer competitive pricing for flexible plans that include international benefits, such as free international calling and more.

Plan Price Network International Calling International Texting International Data
Twigby 10GB $43/month Sprint & Verizon To 19 countries Yes, unlimited No
Ting 5GB $70/month Sprint To 60+ countries Yes No
Tello 12GB $39/month Sprint To Canada, Mexico, & China No No
Gen Mobile 3GB $25/month Sprint Unlimited to 100+ countries Yes, unlimited No
Red Pocket 5GB $30/month Choose any of the main 4 networks Unlimited to 70+ countries No No
Ultra Mobile Unlimited Data $49/month T-Mobile Unlimited to 80+ countries Yes, unlimited Includes $5 international rollover roaming credit
Simple Mobile $25 Unlimited $25/month T-Mobile Unlimited to landlines in 60+ countries & mobiles in select countries Unlimited included In Mexico & 16 Latin American countries