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Jitterbug is the name used by San Diego MVNO carrier GreatCall for their line of senior-friendly phones. GreatTalk is specifically geared towards meeting the needs and desires of the 60+ crowd.

Jitterbug phones are designed with one thing in mind: easy of use. They won’t blow you away with top-flight cameras, machine learning innovations, or insanely fast processors, but they will make it easy for their owners to talk, text, check email, get directions or browse the internet.

GreatCall’s offerings include the bare essentials Jitterbug Flip phone, designed for seniors who talk and text exclusively, and the Jitterbug Smart2 phone, which allows seniors to quickly and easily perform basic smartphone tasks. Smart2 is actually an Alcatel A30 Plus with GreatCall software on it.

All of GreatCall’s plans come with 5Star, which provides health and safety products and services to subscribers, from on-call urgent care assistance to 24/7 access to Medical Alert Agents. As you’d expect, the Jitterbug phones are designed to make connecting to these benefits a breeze. All of GreatCall’s plans and phones run on Verizon’s very reliable 4G LTE network (ranked #1 in the U.S. for coverage).

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