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Remember when BlackBerries dominated the smartphone market? When “BlackBerrying” was a commonly-used verb? 

Well, BlackBerries still exist. In fact, the company returned to market with their KEYone device in 2017. Featuring a snappy processor, “smart” keyboard, and large battery, the device was tech-forward enough to win the company scores of new users. The Key2 is the manufacturer’s follow up to that device, with a variety of features designed to help those that do a lot of their work on the phone (which would seem to be most of us nowadays) more easily balance this with personal life-related tasks.

Among the benefits of going with BlackBerry is the company’s DTEK protection system, with real-time threat monitoring and secure content storage (the feature comes preinstalled on the phones). New BlackBerry devices also feature powerful batteries that supply up 22 hours of mixed use and super-quick charges. Lastly, BlackBerry’s phones include a dual account feature that lets you clone apps with a simple drag and drop.

But perhaps the biggest upside to buying a BlackBerry is getting a real keyboard, i.e. not one that’s on a screen. There’s something about this tactile experience that makes typing easier—and more fun.

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