Red Digital Cinema is an Irvine, CA-based camera maker that has supplied some of Hollywood’s top directors (Peter Jackson, Steven Soderbergh) with the equipment for their movies. The company produces one, and only one, cell phone: the expensive, albeit amazing, Red Hydrogen One.

Red calls the phone “the world’s first 4-view media machine,” and it comes with 128GB of storage and a (perhaps justified) high price tag. “4 view” denotes the phone’s “light field display,” which, according to the company, “goes beyond 3D—with no glasses required.” Paired with best-in-class camera functionality, it’s no stretch to say that you could probably shoot a movie with the phone—and viewers would be none the wiser that it was shot on a smartphone.

The Hydrogen One’s innovations are not limited to its display and camera, however. Red also took great pains to develop what they term their “expansive, spatial, immersive” A3D Sound, which can be enjoyed via headphones or the phone’s speakers. Red’s Hydrogen One is modular as well, as you can add a power pack for better battery life, expand its memory, and attach a “cinema grade” camera module.

What will Red have up its sleeve next? Cinephiles the world over are anxious to find out.

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