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Alcatel is a French cell phone maker based out of Nanterre, France. Founded in 1996, Alcatel is now owned by Nokia of Finland who acquired the mobile manufacturer in 2016.

Alcatel specializes in making entry-level and mid-level phones offered at low prices. While they aren’t challenging smartphone makers like Samsung, Apple, and Google with high-end pricey flagship phones, they do make budget-friendly phones that offer a ton of pound-for-pound value. Alcatel phones are probably more appropriately compared to Motorola phones.

With Alcatel phones, gamers and heavy video watchers can benefit from high resolution displays, amateur photographers can snap pictures on solid cameras, and multi-taskers can get things done with the power of strong processors. For the digital hoarder, Alcatel makes several smartphones that come with generous amounts of storage.

Paying the lower price for Alcatel phones does not mean you will be getting a phone that looks more like a toy than a sophisticated device. Sleek designs and durable materials help Alcatel phones maintain aesthetic appeal that you might expect with high-level phones.

Alcatel phones can be bought directly from several major cell phone carriers and MVNOs in the United States and can also be bought unlocked from several retailers.

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