BLU Products is an American mobile phone manufacturer headquartered in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2010, BLU (or Bold Like Us) specializes in making low-cost phones that provide great alternatives for anyone in search of a strong smartphone without the giant prices of major flagship phones.

The budget-friendly phones produced by BLU might not have the latest innovations you’ll find on the newest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones, but that doesn’t come close to meaning they are bad phones. Running on Google’s Android operating system, BLU phones have plenty of features and power to feel like the higher-end phones. You can find BLU phones with features like edge-to-edge displays, powerful processors, fingerprint sensors, and strikingly good-looking designs. Battery life on BLU phones tend to be on par with other mid-level and budget phones. BLU’s cameras might be one of the weaker points on their phones but the low costs just might be enough for users to overlook this.

BLU phones are available directly from select carriers. You can also buy unlocked BLU phones directly from retailers like Amazon and activate them on your cell phone plan of choice. BLU makes phones that are compatible with CDMA and/or GSM networks. No matter what carrier you are with or wish to switch to, you should be able to find a BLU phone that will work for you.

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