Sony is a name you might not associate with the mobile world, but smartphone production is one of the many areas the Japanese electronics conglomerate has its hand in. Initially launched as a joint venture with Ericsson, Sony Mobile began producing its Xperia line in 2008 with the X1.

We’re now up to the Z series of Xperia, i.e. the Xperia XZ3. Sony’s smartphones were some of the first to feature 4K screens, and the latest Xperia device continue this spirit of innovation. The XZ3 sports something called Dynamic Vibration System, which delivers “an extra dimension of tactile feedback” when watching videos or playing games, similar to Playstation’s DUALSHOCK controller. The phone also features incredible sound (as expected from an audio leader like Sony), an impressive camera, a stunning OLED display that arguably bests Samsung, and a battery that delivers a full day of power from a single charge. Fortunately, this all wrapped up in dust and water resistant housing.

With less than 1% global market share, Sony’s smartphones are often overshadowed by the likes of Samsung, Apple, LG and Google. However, for those looking for something powerful—and different—the Xperia line delivers the goods.

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