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Founded in 2008, Kyocera Communications is a mobile device manufacturer based out of San Diego, California and owned by the Japanese multinational Kyocera Corporation. Kyocera makes satellite phones, but the company is probably known more for their cellular phone manufacturing.

From basic phones to smartphones, Kyocera Communications has a wide selection of products in its stable. Highlights of Kyocera’s cell phone lineup include their Hydro and Dura series of phones. Where big-name manufacturers like Samsung and Apple concentrate on high-end technical specs, Kyocera stands out in a much different way.

Ruggedness and durability is the main focus of Kyocera and their phones. Their Hydro line of phones, for instance, all have excellent waterproof ratings. The Dura series of phones are built for extreme durability and designed with inherent risks and dangers of the average job site in mind.  While you might not be getting the features and specs you would expect with higher-end phones, the durability of Kyocera phones plus the entry-level to mid-level specs you will get with the phones may be perfect for your rugged lifestyle and it doesn’t hurt that you won’t have to pay the hefty prices that are linked with top-tier phones.

Kyocera phones are available from many major cell phone carriers and MVNOs as well as electronics retailers.

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