LG is a South Korean electronics company based out of Seoul. Perhaps known best as one of the biggest television manufacturers in the world, LG has made a name for itself as a competitive mobile device maker.

LG offers a wide range of phones in its mobile lineup. From budget-friendly starter phones to high-end devices, LG has just about any type of mobile user covered with its available products. Mobile products manufactured by LG include, phones, smartphones, tablets and phablets.

After having some success in the mobile world for some years, it wasn’t until 2012 when LG released its flagship LG Optimus G. This phone became its hottest seller and received by far the best critical reception of any LG phone released before it. The LG Optimus G’s successor, the LG G2 dropped the Optimus moniker and since then LG’s flagship smartphone series has been known as the G-series.

Several years later the G-series of phones continues to receive high praise from consumers and critics – rivaling other high-end Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel. With top-of-the-line specs and availability on all the major cell phone carriers, it’s no wonder that LG has become a big player in the mobile world.

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We’ve drawn up a list of the best LG phones available for consumers which are some of the best Android phones. The list ranks LG cell phones in the order of their newness, performance, affordability, and general popularity.

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