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If you’re of a certain age, there’s a decent chance that your first cell phone was a Nokia 3310, colloquially known as the “brick.”The Finland-based manufacturer followed that canonical product with a number of excellent phones into the 2010s, even prefiguring some very popular design trends.

Nokia was dormant for a few years, but jumped back into the cell phone game in 2017 with the announcement that they’d partnered with HMD Global for the release of a variety of Android-powered devices. The company’s line has since grown, encompassing everything from the old school vibes of the Nokia 3310 3G feature phone (harkening back to “the brick”) to the feature-packed Nokia 7.1.

Nokia is all about affordability, as none of the ones available in the U.S. break the $400 threshold. Given the company’s experience in device-making and the apparent quality of their builds and features, going with Nokia for your next phone is a safe move indeed.

As Nokia continues to expand its product line and incorporate stuff like 5G readiness and AI functionality, we can expect the company to become an increasingly important player in the wireless market for the years to come.

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